The begonia flower is one of the flowers that can be found all over the world, They are ideal flowers for indoor or outdoor use. Or as a special gift for someone you really love. Learn more about these flowers through Bouqueh blog .

Begonia flower name:

Begonia flowers are named after the French botanist who discovered them. Yet it has a meaning from its name, Its linguistic meaning means caution. So one of its meanings is “be careful”.

Begonia flower meanings:

Flowers have always helped us express our feelings and emotions to others without uttering a single word. Begonias may not have the most positive meaning among the flowers. But it was certainly a reason for that to someone in its various meanings.

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Begonia symbolizes communication and harmony between people in their relationships. Gifting someone this beautiful flower will make your connection with this person more deep and friendly. And the tension between you will disappear, They are great flowers to give to someone you love, respect and give great attention to.

As we said before, these flowers, according to their name, tell you to be careful, With it, you can say thank you to someone who has rendered you a real service for which you are grateful.

The meanings of the colors of the begonia flower:

Begonias come in a variety of distinct colors. Each color has a specific meaning that it gives you. For example:

Red color:

The color red symbolizes romance, love and passion. Red begonia is a perfect choice for your partner or someone you love and find attractive.

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Pink Color:

style red, Pink also symbolizes love and romance. A bouquet of pink begonias will be a special option on Valentine’s Day.

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the yellow color:

Yellow symbolizes happiness, contentment and wealth. It is a beautiful and special option to gift it to someone you want to see happy.

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White color:

The color white symbolizes spirituality, purity and innocence. It is a universal color of roses that you can gift to anyone. Whatever your relationship with him, Or the occasion you gift it to.

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the colour blue:

The color blue symbolizes creativity and passion. And you can offer these flowers to someone you know understands this exotic flower color and feels its beauty.


Purple is the color of nobles and kings. Purple begonias are usually offered to those whom we respect and consider very important in our lives.

Through the varied colors and the beautiful meanings of the begonia flower, You can choose any color from it for any occasion you have Through our Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .