Do you have a special occasion, Looking for a bright, beautiful flower that spreads joy? Then rainbow flower is the perfect choice for you, Its unique color combination will bring joy and a smile to anyone’s face.

Rainbow flowers are also known as happy and troubled roses. These flowers are distinguished by a beautiful mixture of bright and colorful petals, Therefore, it is gifted to adults and children for any occasion she was.

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Is the rainbow flower a real flower?

Rainbow flowers are not something you can grow in the garden. They are basically cut roses with artificial petals that create a stunning and beautiful pop of color on each flower. The color palette includes pink, blue, yellow, green and orange.

How did the rainbow flower come about?

The idea to get rainbow flowers came from a Dutch flower grower, whose name is Peter van de Werken.

Worken was suffering from a drop in his flower sales, He thought of something new that could distinguish his coming from others. Depending on his background in science, He experimented with coloring flowers using natural dyes. He initially used the method of spraying flowers with colored dyes, but it did not succeed. And he kept trying for several months before he got the rainbow rose By putting the colored dye in the water.

Since that time in 2005, He shipped millions of new colorful roses all over the world.

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How long can you present a rainbow flower?

Rainbow flowers add sparkle and joy to special days and occasions, For example, you can submit it to:


Rainbow flowers make a special touch at birthday parties, Its atmosphere ignites happiness, vitality and fun.

Mother’s Day

Our mothers always deserve something special on their birthday. And the most beautiful thing you can give besides a luxurious gift for her is a special bouquet of rainbow flowers.

The New Born

Rainbow flowers will be a great addition when your family or friends have a new baby, And signs of joy and gladness will appear on his parents’ face when they see this beautiful bouquet.


All students receive roses and flowers on their graduation day. But your graduate will be more special when he gets a bow flower rainbow.

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Our advice to you is not to wait for a special occasion to present your loved ones with a bouquet of rainbow flowers, Bring joy to their faces and send a bouquet of rainbow flowers through the our Bouqueh app .