for years, Directors and creators have relied on roses to tell a story in ways that words never could. While you might assume that roses only symbolize love and romance, Storytellers have long used the rose as a metaphor for everything from lust to destruction and rebirth. Here are some of our favorite movies and stories where roses play an important role.

American series

It’s hard to watch the American series and not stare in amazement at the use of roses throughout the movie – filling bathtubs, On the coffee table as well as outside the house. At first , Roses seem to represent love and passion. While this may be true, The rose was said to carry a deeper meaning in the film. Based on the motto “See Closer”, The roses are believed to symbolize the decay of American suburban life – where the main (and married) movie character begins, Lester Burnham, In fantasizing about being with his daughter’s best friend. The roses used for the film were specifically chosen because they are susceptible to rot, Reflecting the family that started pure and complete, But now it is crumbling.

Alice in Wonderland

When the cards accidentally plant white roses instead of red, She is afraid of incurring the wrath of the Queen of Hearts. Who loves red roses only. while they draw, they sing famously, “We paint roses red. We dare not stop or waste a drop. So let the paint spread!” White roses are believed to represent purity, innocence and serenity – Alice’s life before falling down the rabbit hole. But as soon as she enters Wonderland, Forced to mature and enter adulthood.

little prince

This popular novel quickly became the fourth most translated book in the world. After becoming a pilot trapped in the desert, He encounters a young prince who fell to Earth from a small asteroid. The book contains watercolor illustrations by author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. One of the most famous illustrations is the Little Prince lying in a field of a thousand roses. Roses are said to represent all the past choices, friendships, and love he left behind on the asteroid. We see that these roses are similar to those that the little prince had on his planet. It was the flower that he watered, nourished and took care of. In the words of the fox, tamed her and tamed her You become responsible for it.”

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