We usually receive flower bouquets on our special occasions and beautiful moments. Although these flowers bring joy to our hearts, And whenever we look at it, we remember its owner. However, the sad thing is always that you lose their vitality and wilt after a while and die. How can you take care of flowers and enjoy them for as long as possible?

Read on with Bouqueh blog to answer that.

Flower care instructions:

There are many tips and guidelines that you can follow to maintain the vitality of your flowers, They will last as long as possible in a flower vase:

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Cut stems:

Many people make mistakes when receiving flowers by leaving their stems and not pruning and cutting them. They don’t know that trimming the stems one to two inches apart at an oblique angle helps the water get through better. So always remember to cut the ends of the stems when you receive them once, And every few days again.

Trim petals and leaves:

It is necessary to remove any external petals and dead leaves or leaves that are below the water line, Not just for a better view, Rather, it is to prevent the growth of bacteria. So always look for dead leaves to avoid bacteria.

Put it in a suitable vase:

Be sure to choose the appropriate flower vase for the type of roses you got, And make sure it is clean before you put flowers in it.

Put it in suitable water:

You cannot take care of flowers without taking care of the water in which they are placed. There are several tips related to this. for example: You should put it in water at room temperature. And add ready-made flower food Mix it well with water. And you can get this food flower shop, This food will increase its freshness because it contains carbohydrates, acidifying substances and biocides.

You can use some other ingredients with water instead of the prepared flower food such as: Vinegar, soft drink or aspirin.

And don’t forget to change the water every two to three days.

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Flower care away from direct sunlight and high heat:

Avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight or near appliances that generate heat, cooling vents, and ceiling fans. Flowers live longer at lower temperatures than at higher temperatures.

Avoid putting flowers next to fruits.

Ripe fruits release ethylene gas , which can affect the freshness and vitality of the flowers.

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Follow the above flower care tips, And keep your unique roses for as long as possible, And if you want to renew your flowers or send flowers to your loved ones, You can send it to anywhere in Egypt Through our Bouqueh website https://www.bouqueh.com/en or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .