Are you looking for flower shops in the Fifth Settlement? Here are the best flower shops out there from Bouqueh blog .

The Fifth Settlement is famous for its palaces and villas. In addition to the diversity of its construction between the Pharaonic art, Roman, Islamic and modern art. So, It is considered one of the most famous compounds in New Cairo.

Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement contains a large number of prestigious universities such as the American and German universities, There are also a large number of international and private schools in it.

other than that, There are many modern vital attachments, Such as mosques, commercial malls, sports clubs, tourist resorts and residential communities.

On the other hand, The Fifth Settlement is the neighborhood of the rich, politicians, artists and celebrities. Such as: Former Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa and artist Samira Said.

The most famous flower shops in the Fifth Settlement:

There are many flower shops that the Fifth Settlement is famous for. Which offers you the services of selling natural flowers of different types and colors, And the design of beautiful and distinctive flower bouquets, Many of them also provide event coordination services to their clients.

Among the most famous stores located in the Fifth Settlement are the following:

First: Auctions flower:

The Oaks Flower store is located on 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement, It offers its customers a variety of natural roses, And presenting them with distinctive designs of packages.

Secondly: Sally Helmy Florist:

You can reach this shop by accessing the 90th Street.
There you will get distinctive designs of roses and flowers, Which will give your occasions a charming touch.

Third: Sama Landscape:

Sama Landscape store is located on Street 10 in the Fifth Settlement, It has distinctive groups of flowers and house plants.

Fourthly: Flower Power:

Flower Power is located in Plot A on 90th Street, It offers you a variety of flower bouquets suitable as a special gift for your loved ones.

Fifth: Flower House for flowers and plants:

Flower House is located in Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street in the Fifth Settlement, It is a home for various types of flowers and house plants.

Sixthly: La Vie en Rose:

La Vie en Rose is located in the first district services area in the Fifth Settlement. This shop offers its customers the services of selling and arranging different flowers in a distinctive way.

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