The marigold flower or the sun bride flower is one of the brightest and most luminous flowers, It is associated with the power of the sun, with its vibrant yellow color. It was famous for many ancient civilizations such as Greek, Roman and even Indian.

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Marigold flower facts:

  • Marigold seeds germinate very quickly in just a few days. It blooms within 8 weeks of being planted.
  • Its flowers bloom from late spring to fall.
  • Having marigolds in the home garden can help protect other plants from pests and insects.
  • There are more than 50 types of marigold flowers, Among the most famous are the African marigold and the French marigold.
  • Marigolds are yellow or golden in color. But it can be found in other colors such as orange, copper and red.

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Meanings and uses of marigold flower:

Marigolds have many different and interesting meanings. Those meanings differ according to the different cultures and regions in which the marigold grows between Asia, Africa and America.

Marigolds are closely related to the positive energy of the sun. Its yellow color spreads energy and life around.

It is said that having a bouquet of these flowers at home helps spread happiness among family members. And between the spouses.

Marigold also symbolizes passion, creativity and great passion. It motivates people to work creatively.

Although this flower often symbolizes energy, positivity and happiness, However, sometimes it may symbolize sadness, resentment, jealousy and cruelty if a person is going through a difficult time.

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As for the uses of marigold flowers:

These flowers were mostly used in wedding ceremonies , as they are a symbol of wishing happiness and building a happy married life.

Some types of marigolds are sacred and were used in religious ceremonies.

In some places, people rely on marigolds to predict the weather. If its flowers are small and closed, This indicates bad and stormy weather.

In addition to all of that, Marigolds were used in the past as a medicine for some cases. Like hiccups and people who are struck by lightning.

And in the kitchen, This flower has been used as a substitute for expensive saffron.

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Finally, The many meanings and uses that have been associated with the marigold flower is the main reason why it is a popular flower in many countries and many societies. Whatever occasion you have,

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