A wedding without flowers is like a beach without sand, Flowers on this big day are an essential element in the arrangements and arrangements for the party. At first, Some may think that the bride's bouquet is the only flower that should be taken care of, However, this idea is outdated. 

Flowers today can be found anywhere in the wedding, To make it elegant and beautiful.

  • Wedding flower shapes:

on the wedding day, The flowers are scattered in many different places; To add joy and beauty to the atmosphere and venue of the party. In addition to the rest of the bride, The roses are found at the place where the newlyweds enter. and roses decorated for guest tables, wedding cake table, And other flowers that go back to the traditions of the people , And you can use our app to get all of that

Remember: When choosing the right flowers for your wedding, It must match the type of wedding, its location, and the reception. dress style, And the time when the wedding takes place. Examples of seasonal flowers at a wedding include: tulips, lilacs and lavenders for spring, and tulips for summer, dahlia in autumn, And jasmine in the winter. You can also learn about the meanings of each type of flower by reading our blog.

How do you choose the right bouquet of roses for your wedding?

Many girls are confused in choosing the bouquet of roses that suits them, The bride’s bouquet is one of the things that attracts the most people’s attention. It remains stuck in their memory after the wedding ceremony. If you suffer from this issue, Here are some tips that will help you choose the right bouquet of roses for you:

  1. The bridal bouquet should match the style of your wedding dress and hairstyle.
  2. The bride’s bouquet must also match the flowers in the party décor.
  3. If you are tall, It is more appropriate for you to choose a medium or large sized and drooping bouquet, So that it does not make you taller.
  4. If you are a bit short, It is better that your bouquet be round and small in size.
  5. Choose artificial roses if you suffer from allergies, This will give you the opportunity to keep it as a beautiful memory.

In Bouqueh app , we are pleased to deliver to you distinct and modern assortments of roses, To decorate your weddings and parties, It remains a beautiful memory on your occasions.

We wish you an auspicious wedding.