Do you find searching for flower shops in Tanta tiring for you? Bouquet Blog will make this tiring process easier for you, We have prepared for you a group of flower shops names in Tanta. Follow us.

Tanta City:

Tanta is the capital of the Western Governorate in Egypt. This city is located between two of the most famous cities in Egypt. They are: Cairo and Alexandria.

This city has had great importance throughout civilizations. Its location in the heart of the Nile Delta between Rashid and Damietta. And its commercial role and religious fame, It made it a significant city.

On the other hand, The city of Tanta is divided into two parts. They: first and second section, And follow the center of the city a group of neighboring villages. for example: Barma village, and Diffra village.

Best flower shops in Tanta:

The city of Tanta contains the various facilities and facilities that the residents need in it. The flower shop in Tanta is one of the indispensable commercial establishments.

Here is a group of flower shops in the city of Tanta, Which offers you many types of roses and natural flowers that you are looking for. in addition to, There are various natural houseplants, event coordination services, Everything related to roses is here in these stores:

  • flower garden:

Orchard Al-Zohour is located in 2 Beit Al-Maqdis Street in Tanta.

  • flower garden:

This flower shop is located on El-Bahr Street in El Gomhoureya Square in Tanta.

  • El Shazly Flowers:

El Shazly flower shop is located on Saad El Din Street in Tanta.

  • princess flowers:

You can reach Amira’s flower shop on Al-Nahhas Street in Tanta.

  • Nada flowers:

Nada Flowers is located in El Bahr Street in Tanta.

  • the smell of roses:

Abeer Al-Ward store is located at 12 Al-Nahhas Street in Tanta.

  • Jewel flowers:

Flowers of the Jewel is located on Al-Bahr Street in the city of Tanta.

  • Al-Israa for importing:

Al-Israa store is located in Al-Sayed Al-Badawi Square in the city of Tanta.

All of these stores will offer you distinctive bouquets of natural flowers, All you have to do is choose the design you like and tell them about the occasion of the flower, so they can create a unique and unique bouquet for you!

In the end, Always remember: anywhere and anywhere in Egypt, You can get roses Through our Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .