Are you looking for flower shops in 6th of October? Are you tired of looking for a shop there that makes a special bouquet of flowers for you?

do not worry, Because Bouqueh blog will help you identify flower shops on October 6, Follow us.

October 6 City

It is located in 6th of October City, Giza Governorate. It was named after the October victory in 1973.

6th of October City is divided into a group of neighborhoods, Numbered from the first to the twelfth district. in addition to, There are several other neighborhoods that do not follow the numbering. for example: rose district, And the distinguished neighborhood.

The city contains famous vital facilities and facilities, It has many private and prestigious universities. commercial centers and others. which made it as a result, A place everyone wants to live in.

Flower shops in 6th of October

Its neighborhoods and neighborhoods are numerous. So, There are flower shops that offer their customers many different types of natural roses.

Furthermore it, There are also artificial roses besides natural roses, Which is used to coordinate happy occasions. It is used, for example, in the design of the bride’s bouquet. And decorate the groom’s car.

Here are the best flower shops in 6th of October:

  • Auctions flower:

Auctions Flower is located in Juhayna Square on the 6th of October.

  • Paradise Green Flowers:

This shop is located on the Kafrawy axis in 6th of October.

  • Pansy:

Baniyas flower shop is located in the distinguished district, It is a well-known neighborhood in the city.

  • red rose:

The Red Rose store is located in the first district of the city, in the second neighbourhood, On Central Street.

  • Tasnim Flowers:

We are located Tasnim Flowers in the central axis in Laylat Al-Qadr Square in the 12th district of 6th of October City.

  • Smile Flower:

The Smile Flower Store is located in the central axis of Najda Square, located in the third district of the city.

  • Fanny Bot:

The Fanny Bot store is located in the third neighborhood in the third district in 6th of October City.

  • Flower Moon:

This shop is located in Abu Al-Wafa Buildings located in the sixth district in 6th of October City.

  • Flowers Love:

Flowers Love store is located in the central axis of El Hosary Square in the seventh district of 6th of October City.

  • Healthy Planet:

Healthy Planet Flowers and Plants is located in Abdel Moneim Riad Street in the distinguished district of 6th of October City.

In the end, Always remember: anywhere and anywhere in Egypt, You can get roses Through our Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .