Are you a resident of the Maadi neighborhood and would like to get a special bouquet of roses? Are you looking for flower shops in Maadi?

Bouqueh blog in this article will help you identify the best flower shops in Maadi. Continue reading with us.

Maadi city:

Maadi district is one of the most famous and most prestigious neighborhoods in the capital, Cairo. It is a neighborhood of embassies and international institutions. This neighborhood has developed until it became a city belonging to the Cairo Governorate.

The Maadi district is located in the south of Cairo. Specifically on the eastern bank of the Nile. The beginning of its establishment is attributed to Khedive Ismail at the end of the nineteenth century.

on the other hand, This large neighborhood is divided into several residential complexes. Which, New Maadi, and Maadi Sarayat, and Zahraa El Maadi, Maadi Gardens, valley of the Tigris, Tora. Among its most famous streets, Al-Nasr Street, 9th Street and Algeria Street.

Flower shops in Maadi:

Since Maadi is the most prestigious area in Cairo Governorate, There must be flower shops between its roads. Those stores that provide their residents with the sweetest and most sensual gifts, The rose is a gift for all occasions and days.

We have collected for you a group of names and addresses of flower shops in Maadi, So that these stores offer you beautiful natural roses, Make a charming bouquet for your loved one.

First: Mustafa Flowers

You can reach Al-Mustafa’s shop on Al-Thawra Street in Hadayek Al-Maadi.

Secondly: National Flowers

The National Flower Shop is located on Al-Zahraa Street in the Zahraa Al-Maadi area.

Third: Planet Shop

Planet Shop is located at 250 Victoria Square Street in Wadi Degla.

Fourthly: flower house

House of Flowers is located on Misr Helwan Agricultural Road in Maadi.

Fifth: Atlantis Rose

Atlantis Rose’s flower shop is located on Port Said Street in the Wadi Degla area.

Sixthly: Maryam the Florist’s house

This shop is located on Street 233 in the Degla area in Maadi.

Seventh: beauty flower

The Beauty Flower store is located at 22 El Nasr Street, Algeria Square, in the New Maadi area.

Eighth: Bird of Paradise

Asfour Al-Jana flower shop is located in Al-Nabawi Al-Mohandes Street in the Zahraa Al-Maadi area.

Ninth: New Life Group

This shop is located on 1 Mosque El Rahman Street branching from Street 9 in the Maadi Gardens area.

Tenth: YM Flower

YM Floor is located at 5 Al Kurdi Street in the Maadi Corniche area.

In the end, Always remember: anywhere and anywhere in Egypt, You can get roses Through our Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .