There is a lot of searching for Heliopolis flower shops online, This neighborhood includes on its territory the famous Cairo International Airport.

If you are about to receive a loved one from this airport, a beautiful bouquet of roses is waiting for him with you as well. So, In Bouqueh blog , we will help you identify the best flower shops in Heliopolis.


Heliopolis district is one of the most important districts in Cairo. It is the eastern facade of the capital and an entrance where it receives visitors from all over the world because of the presence of Cairo International Airport in it. It is also called (Heliopolis).

This neighborhood was established in the early twentieth century under the supervision of Baron Empain. And where his famous palace Baron Palace.

On the other hand, This neighborhood includes various facilities and facilities that you can find in any new neighborhood.

for example: There are prestigious schools and universities, hospitals and mosques, Sports clubs and cinemas. In addition, It is a neighborhood of many famous Egyptian presidents, politicians, wealthy people, writers and artists. for example: Jamal Abdulnasser, beach girl, Rushdi Abaza.

Best flower shops in Heliopolis:

There are many flower shops in the Heliopolis district, These shops are filled with various types of flowers, roses and wonderful natural plants. We have collected for you a group of flower shops there:

  • Toon Flowers:

You can reach the Toon Flowers store at 70 Abdel Aziz Fahmy Street in Saint Fatima, There you will find many distinctive and unique designs of beautiful bouquets of various and natural roses. You will get a unique bouquet of flowers to suit the occasion you are gifting it in.

  • rose flower:

Awan Al Ward store is located in Dr. Street. Ali Ibrahim branching from Street d. Mohamed Ali El-Baqly from Heliopolis Square. When you arrive at it, you will find a variety of plants and natural roses that will form a charming and charming bouquet for you.

  • The family for natural flowers:

The family shop for natural flowers is located at 42 Khalifa Al-Mamoun Street in Manshiyat Al-Bakry, This shop provides beautiful natural roses to its customers with distinctive designs of bouquets.

  • Nevin flowers:

Nevin Flowers is located at 15 Othman Bin Affan Street. It is a shop full of various types of natural roses.

  • Saladin Flowers:

You can reach Salah El Din Flowers easily near at 44 Salah El Din Square, It contains roses and natural plants that will make you feel beautiful in this world.

In the end, Always remember: anywhere and anywhere in Egypt, You can get roses Through our Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .