The gardenia or gardenia flower is one of the most favorite flowers among people. It is one of the types of flowers that symbolize happiness for some peoples. And to love and purity in its pure white color, And its captivating fragrance fills the air when it blooms in mid-spring to mid-summer.

Gardenia facts:

Cardinia flower belongs to the family Fossidae. It is a type of jasmine flower. It was named after the American scientist Alexander Jardine. And it has a scientific name called (Gardenia Jasminooides).

As for its origin, The origin of the Cardinia flower is in East Asian countries. It has been used in many fields such as decoration, perfume industry, treating skin infections, and spice industry.

In addition to its distinctive fragrance, Gardenia flowers are distinguished by their evergreen leaves. and mostly brilliant white, These flowers may vary in color as pale yellow, Some of them have single flower leaves and some are many. Their size also varies, including small plants and large ones.

Gardenia flower cultivation requires special care and great attention. This plant needs an adequate amount of sunlight. acidic moist soil, Its pH is between 5 and 6, And frequent fertilizing that contains an appropriate acidity.

What does the gardenia flower mean to us?

The gardenia flower usually carries the meanings of love and purity; Therefore, we often see her decorate wedding parties and bridal bouquets , as they express indescribable love and create an intimate and beautiful atmosphere in the ceremony.

Cardinia flowers also have many other meanings. Through it, you can transmit the meanings of confidence, hope, clarity, dream, innocence, friendship, and even protection, renewal and self-reflection.

زهرة الكاردينيا

And if the cardinia bears a tinge of yellow at its base, It means secret love, Therefore, if you want to express your love without knowing your identity to everyone, then Cardinia flowers are your first choice. This was the custom in the Victorian era to make these flowers a means of expressing and expressing love between people.

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