When it’s time to graduate, Sending flowers is the best way to congratulate the graduate. Especially when you are away from him. Flowers can convey different meanings of love on the big graduation day!

And if you’re still wondering, will flowers do the trick on graduation day?

We think yes! Flowers add happiness, joy and life to any celebration, It is the perfect thing that can accompany any graduate on his graduation day. Today we will help you to learn about the types of flowers and their meanings that you can send Through our Bouqueh website https://www.bouqueh.com/en or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei . on this beautiful occasion!

What types of flowers to celebrate the occasion of graduation?

We have collected many types of flowers that you can give on such a happy occasion, Such as:

  • Roses

since thousands of years, Roses were and still carry a very great value of love and beauty. The Lord can not be mistaken in conveying these meanings.

Lords have different colors that carry in their essence unique meanings. For example:

  1. White flowers: The white rose symbolizes a new beginning and true respect. So you can surprise one of the graduates by presenting white roses to express your admiration for his achievement.
  2. pink roses: This color symbolizes happiness. Choosing this color will indicate your joy and participation for the graduate.
  3. the yellow color: Yellow symbolizes friendship, a new beginning, and joy for the graduate.
  4. The color orange: This color symbolizes desire, enthusiasm and energy. It is a great choice for this occasion.
  • carnation

The carnation is the flower of the gods, The Greeks and Romans used them in wreaths. And you can present carnations to the graduate to express your admiration and joy with him.

  • chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums perfectly attract attention to the graduate. The white chrysanthemum symbolizes truth and the red chrysanthemum love. In Chinese culture, it symbolizes longevity.

So presenting a bouquet of chrysanthemums to your graduate friend, It will make him sure of his true love for you!

  • lily

In another time, The lily flower was the most expensive flower in the world! These bright flowers carry the meanings of spring, fame, love and even beautiful eyes. And you can give it as a graduation gift that carries all these beautiful meanings.

  • orchid

Orchids carry the meaning of love and beauty. It is an ideal choice for telling graduates that they are unique, It will make them proud and admired on their special day.

When can you send flowers to graduates at the graduation ceremony

Usually, on his graduation day, a graduate is busy saying goodbye to his friends, receiving congratulations from others, and preparing for the next stage.

You may not be able to give flowers to the graduate because he is busy on this day, But you can present it before the party to show your support for it.

If you are looking for beautiful graduation flowers to deliver to the graduate, We will never skimp on a bouqueh of passion, quality and elegance to pass on to your loved ones at graduation anytime!