people make mistakes a lot, They may not have enough words to say I’m sorry. And then we can turn to the roses to begin this task.

Life is full of mistakes and situations. We must overcome it with an apology to continue our journey in it. And to preserve our loved ones who have been touched by our mistakes.

Fortunately! Bouqueh can help you with this step, You can send flowers with I’m Sorry Card through Bouquet App!

What are the best flowers to say I’m sorry?

There is a group of flowers that we propose to you, to offer a sincere apology, It builds bridges and restores love.

  • Roses:

pink and yellow roses, It is one of the most expressive colors that can express your regret. Especially if it is directed to a friend, The yellow color symbolizes friendship and innocence.

If you want to heal your friendship, Yellow roses are the answer!

  • Lilies or Lilacs:

Although lilacs are delicate, However, it erases differences and soothes the atmosphere. And by being in a bouquet of roses, It will help you correct the misunderstanding. transcend the stage of controversy.

  • Tulips:

White tulips have always been associated with purity and new beginnings.

in addition to, Tulips are elegant flowers. You can send it to the office of whoever you want to apologize to, Accompanied by an apology card asking for forgiveness.

  • White orchids:

White orchids will always express your love and concern, She is a great example of sincerity and concern.

  • pink carnations:

If you forget something about someone dear to your heart, The best way to make up for it is to apologize to him. She is sending a bouquet of pink carnations. Why? Because these flowers will tell him “I will never forget you”.

And while you don’t include forgetting it again in the future, Pink carnations are just what you need at this time.

life is hard sometimes, We all know that. As much as we strive to be perfect human beings, We often make mistakes. Sometimes we say the wrong word at the wrong time, or forget some things, Or harm those around us unintentionally. But fortunately a Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei . of flowers is able to help you say I’m sorry and make things right again!