Roses are one of the beautiful plants that God created. Seeing it works to bring about happiness in the soul. and serenity, and peace of mind, It always symbolizes beauty and sophistication.

Roses have been known since ancient times.

Just as roses have a special language of expression on all occasions, each type of flower symbolizes something. and tell you a story, It is always used to instill intimacy and affection between people.

It is always the strongest influence on women, In this article, we will learn about the types of roses and their meanings.

types of roses

– Roses It contains many types that cannot be counted.

Violet rose: It is an aromatic plant that grows in gardens.

Chrysanthemum rose: It is a plant that is white on the inside and used to treat female diseases.

Anemone rose: She is the longing rose, It means waiting.

– Rose cloves: It means beauty and pride.

Rose rose: It means love and affection.

Narcissus flower: It means magnanimity and pride, and it is one of the flowers that has wide fame.

Tulip flower: means beauty and elegance, It always symbolizes love.

Alstroemeria flower: It means friendship.

Orchid: It means a beautiful woman.

Orchid flower

– Lily Flower: It has many colors such as white, pink, and yellow. It means very beautiful.

Chrysanthemum flower: It is distinguished by its many colors and it means sincerity and loyalty.

Sapphire flower: It means loyalty.

Paradise bird flower: It means joy and happiness.

Vine flower: It means generosity in general.

Lilac flower: It means spontaneity and launching.

lilac flower

Freesia flower: It means innocence in the act.

Susan flower: It means black eyes.

Fish mouth flower: It resembles a fish’s mouth when pressed.

Alstroemeria flower: It means friendship And it has several colors such as yellow and orange, and red, and violet, and white, and syphilis, and apricot, She dies after eight days.

Flamingo flower: It means hospitality, It is distinguished by its white, red, and pink colors, It lives a maximum of 3 weeks.

Flower: Aster, which means patience, is distinguished by its purple, pink, and white colors, and lives a maximum of two weeks.

Bouvardia flower: It means intense enthusiasm. It comes in pink, white and red colors. She lives two weeks at most.

Dilknium flower: It means heaven It is distinguished by its purple color. and syphilis, And blue.

Millenium flower

Freesia flower: It means innocence, It is distinguished by its purple color. and syphilis, and white, and yellow.

Daisy flower: It means beauty It has yellow colors, and golden, and pink, and scarlet, and red, It lives a maximum of 10 days.

Climbing roses: And they are roses that can climb walls and sticks, It can be attached anywhere, It is characterized by their large size.

English roses: It is characterized as belonging to the category of ancient roses, And it has a nice smell, Attractive and attractive colors. It is also characterized by being constantly blooming.

Tea rose: It has a long leg, and it is large in size, And it has multiple colors, It also has the ability to withstand weather changes.

tea rose

Floribunda rose: It is a hybrid type and is characterized by the fact that its stems contain thorns, and can resist diseases, also has many colors, including shades of yellow and orange in addition to purple and white, It is used as an ornamental in gardens.

Mini roses: It is also a hybrid type of tea rose, It is a mini version.

There are yellow, pink, and orange colors and characterized by the presence of small stems and leaves, They are used as ornamental plants, as one of their advantages is that they bloom continuously and for long periods. It also does not need large places to grow it.

Stofolia roses: It means “rolled roses” as they are similar to the cabbage plant. One of its features is that it is intertwined. It also has its origins in France. It is characterized by the colors white and pink, It also blooms once a year in the summer months. In addition to its attractive and wonderful smell.

Damask roses: It is characterized by its fragrant aroma, which is used in the manufacture of antiquities, It blooms in the summer and fall months. It is characterized by the colors white and dark pink.

Damask roses

The uses of roses

It is a mistake to think that flowers are used only for decoration because of their beautiful shape, It has several other uses that may be very important, such as:

for medicinal purposes, such as reducing sore throats, as a type of anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

It reduces uterine contractions during menstruation and works to stop diarrhea because it contains an astringent substance.

Rosewater is extracted from it, which acts as an astringent for the pores of the skin. in order to moisturize, and protect it from drying out.

and used in decorating food and kinds of salads, as it contains antioxidants.

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