Got used to the house and want a change of scenery? You can now enjoy stunning views from the comfort of your sofa. From the American Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. to Highgrove Gardens in the United Kingdom, Visit botanical gardens, flower institutes, and museums around the world with these amazing virtual tours.

New York Botanical Garden
Take a virtual tour of the New York Botanical Garden! Here you can enjoy an in-depth view of the orchid show and learn about a variety of orchids. You’ll see them explode in vibrant purples, reds, oranges, and pinks.

United States Botanic Garden
You should visit Washington, DC for a tour of the United States Botanic Garden. As a museum with live collections, Its exhibitions, shows and plants are always changing. Learn all about the park and how it has been developed over the past two centuries.

Conservatory of Flowers
The Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco offers intimate close-up experiences with rare and endangered plants. Go see the treasures waiting for you!

Chicago Botanical Garden
Book a virtual trip to Chicago and experience the Chicago Botanic Garden. Here you can wander through 27 colorful gardens, Including the Walled English Garden and the Japanese Garden. Consists of 385 acres, There is little to see.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
aloha, Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden! Enter this unforgettable experience by actually walking through a 500-foot walkway to see the amazing beauty that awaits you. The gardens here stretch across four acres of tropical forest, So you will see a variety of plant life including orchids, giant bamboo, heliconias and more than 200 types of palms such as coconut and mango trees.

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