Do you need to find flower shops in Agami? To make a special bouquet of roses as a gift for your loved one? Here are the best flower shops in Al-Ajami neighborhood that will make that special bouquet for you.

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Al-Ajami neighborhood:

Al-Agamy neighborhood is one of the most important neighborhoods in Alexandria, Egypt. It began as a center for the elite class in the 1950’s.

Al-Agamy neighborhood is located 20 km west of Alexandria city center. It was popular among the people, As a result of its privileged location, Which made it a local tourist destination for Egyptians.

Al-Ajami neighborhood is divided into several sections. for example: Department of Dekheila, Al-Bitash, and Hanovil and Abu Yusuf, Scheherazade and Palm Beach, and others.

Best flower shops in Agami:

We have prepared for you a list of flower shops that you can find in Al-Ajami neighborhood. So, The matter of obtaining a natural rose bouquet full of beauty is no longer a difficult thing.

These stores offer you natural roses in several designs, for example: Bouquets of roses that you can take to your loved ones, Or flowers and houseplants that will add a magical touch to your home décor.

on the other hand, You can use these stores to help you coordinate the flowers in your parties and happy occasions.

Here are the names and addresses of flower shops in Agami:

  • Or Pavilion de Florel:

This shop is the oldest flower shop in Alexandria. It was opened in the year 1920 AD.

This shop is located on Fouad Street near the National School, In the Bitash area of Al-Ajami neighborhood.

Since its inception, it offers natural roses of various types and colors. It makes a unique and unique bouquet for you.

  • Touch Beauty:

You can reach the Touch Beauty store on Alex-Matrouh Road in Hannoville. This shop offers the finest roses and natural and imported flowers to its customers.

  • Panda Flower:

Panda Flower is located at 17.5 km Alex-Matrouh Desert Road, In Hannoville, Alexandria. It offers a range of roses with distinctive designs of bouquets.

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