Are you looking for places of ancient Egypt flower shops? Are you a resident of this area and would like to get a special bouquet of roses as a gift for a loved one?

Read on in Bouqueh blog to save the trouble of your search, And explore the names of flower shops in ancient Egypt.

Old Cairo district

Old Cairo is one of the ancient districts of Cairo. It is located in the south of the city. In the past, it was called “Ancient Egypt Quarter”.

The Old Cairo district is divided into several sub-districts. for example: There is the Fustat area, The map of Abu Al-Saud and Al-Manial Al-Rawdah Al-Zahraa.

There are many gardens in ancient Egypt, Such as: Fustat garden, Umm Kulthum Garden, And the garden of Ahmed Ramy. As for museums, There is the Coptic Museum. Umm Kulthum Museum, and the Muhammed Ali Small Museum, The Geological Museum.

On the other hand, This neighborhood is famous for its antique historical tourist monuments. Such as: The Hanging Church is one of the oldest and most ancient churches in Egypt. It is distinguished by its unusually suspended construction. in addition to, There is the Magra El-Oyoun wall and the Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque. and St. Barbara’s Church.

Where do you find old Egypt flower shops?

There are many flower shops in ancient Egypt, Where these stores offer to the inhabitants of ancient Egypt the beautiful natural roses, All kinds and colors. other than that, There are services that provide natural plants, artificial roses, and flower arrangements for happy occasions.

Here are the best flower shops you can find in Old Cairo:

  • Jannat Al Rawda flower shop:

This shop is located in Al Rawda and Al Miqays. In Heliopolis district.

  • Saladin flower shop:

Salah El Din shop is located in 1 El Saraya in the western Manial

  • Al-Ghazali Palace Store:

This shop is located at 3 Youssef Sherif Street, Al Basha Square, in Manial.

  • Amoun flower shop:

Amoun Flowers is located at 1 Mathaf El-Manial Street.

  • Medina flowers and plants:

In the end, This shop is at 22 A Manial Museum Street, next to Faten Hamama Cinema.

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