Every flower has a meaning and a story. But the sunflower has a favorite meaning, And the rich benefits are what made the poets talk about it a lot.

Al-Sadiq Al-Hilali says in The Flower of the Sun:

A heart-stopping flower, fragrant, smelt their scents
A balm for a heart and anguish that has been sickened by grief and made faint by grief.
diaphysis, Wherever the sun revolves it revolves

What do you know about the sunflower flower?

The sunflowers are named after them; Because of the great similarity between it and the disk of the sun, In addition, these flowers follow the path of the sun in the morning time.

These flowers have other names given to them by the peoples. He called it the flower of the sun. The flower sold the sun or the sun’s mile.

And the sunflower has wedge-shaped roots, It has a long cylindrical stem covered with fluff. It is about three meters long. Its leaves are broad.

The disc consists of radial and tubular flowers.

A bouquet of them can be a gift of beauty beyond mind! On the other hand, it has the ability to enhance the health of the human body with its multi-use oil seeds.

Ukraine, Russia and Argentina are among the countries that grow and produce the most seeds.

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Tracing the path of a sunflower:

When watching fields of sunflowers in the morning, Many are astonished by its movement. These flowers follow the path of the sun during the day, do you know why?

Scientists say that this phenomenon is caused by the difference in the length of parts of the leg.

They noticed that the rate of growth of the right part of the leg is higher than the lower part of the leg. This explains the movement of the sun’s disk with the movement of the sun from east to west during the day.

Its movement is completely reversed in the evening, When the flowers ripen, they stop following the path of the sun and remain eastward.

at recent days, The use of sunflowers has spread on various occasions, In success and graduation , and to say I’m sorry and to friends, The light, joy and sincere intention symbolized by the sunflower flower made it a favorite of many. We also have it in Through our Bouqueh website  https://www.bouqueh.com/en or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .