Are you looking for flower shops in Aswan? Read on to find out the answer to your question.

Aswan city

Aswan is the southern gateway to Egypt. It is the capital of Aswan Governorate. Aswan has a long history throughout different ages. It has historical significance among the cities of southern Egypt.

other than that, It has a long history with tourism. There are many historical monuments left since the era of the pharaohs, And the tourist attractions that are spread throughout.

for example: There is the shrine of Agha Kham which is located on a plateau on the western side of the Nile. There is Abu Simbel, It is one of the monuments of Nubia, which was included by the UNESCO Foundation for World Heritage Sites on its list.

in addition to, There is an island of plants, and Cataract Hotel, The Nubian Museum, Fatimid tombs, The Nile Museum and the Elephantine Island Museum. All these attractions and many more make it the focus of tourists from all over the world.

Flower shops in Aswan:

Buying and selling roses was not widespread among the inhabitants of Aswan in the past. But, With the revival of tourism, the emergence of hotels and the development of time, these shops began to spread there.

Flower shops in Aswan provide several services related to flowers. Such as selling local and imported natural roses, and make beautiful and unique bouquets out of it, And the use of artificial roses in coordinating happy occasions there. Where roses can not be dispensed with in wedding ceremonies.

in addition to, Roses and flowers are an essential thing in the tourist hotels scattered in the city, To be a distinctive cultural interface next to the historical monuments there.

Here are the most famous flower shops in Aswan:

  • Al Siddiqan Flowers and Ornamental Plants Store:

Al-Siddiqan is the most famous flower shop in Aswan. And his place in Abu Al-Rish before me in the beginning of Aswan.

This shop offers many kinds of natural houseplants, And natural flowers with distinctive and beautiful bouquets.

  • Pharaohs Flowers Nursery and Exhibition:

This nursery is located in City Center Mall (Jaber Awad Mall) in Aswan on the first floor.

It offers its customers various types of natural roses for various occasions. It offers a variety of designs for wedding bouquets and wedding car decoration, And equipping halls for happy occasions.

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