Do you want to find flower shops in Smouha? And pick out a special bouquet of flowers? Here are the best flower shops in Smouha district.

Smouha neighborhood:

Smouha district is one of the newest and most spacious neighborhoods in Alexandria. This neighborhood is located within the Sharq neighborhood, It is one of the main neighborhoods of the city of Alexandria.

The fame of this neighborhood stems from its modernity and organization. The roads in the Smouha neighborhood are wide and organized. The residential buildings in it are modern. in addition to, All the services needed by its residents are easily available to them. So, This neighborhood attracts a lot of people.

On the other hand, In the middle of Smouha district, Alexandria, It is surrounded by a number of large neighborhoods. for example: From the west you will find Al-Hadra district, To the north, Sporting and Sidi Gaber. There are public parks, clubs, malls, markets and universities.

Best flower shops in Smouha:

Modern residential neighborhoods are not without flower shops, In the Smouha neighborhood, flower shops are spread to meet the need of its residents for roses. So, Where you will find local and imported natural roses, Many types and bright colors.

in addition to, There is also a place for artificial roses that people use a lot in the decoration of their occasions, Such as: Weddings, graduation parties, etc.

So, Most of these flower shops provide event coordination services, For the roses to enchant you in coordinating the place of your party, To make your party more fun.

Here is a group of flower shops in the Smouha neighborhood:

  • Garden Store:

It was previously called the place of nursery campus. High Garden is located on Nozha Airport Road in Smouha District.

  • Barghout flowers:

Barghout Flowers Store is located at 33 Victor Emmanuel Street in Smouha District, This shop has several other branches.

  • Punch for flower supplies:

Punch Flower Supplies Store is located in Zahrat Yathrib Tower, This shop in particular provides the services of coordinating happy occasions.

  • Choco Echo:

Choco Eco is located at 23 Fawzy Moaz Street in Smouha District.

  • Basant for flowers:

Basant store is located at 7 Mahmoud Shaker Abdel Moneim Street, In the Smouha neighborhood in Alexandria.

  • Joumana Green:

Joumana Green store is located in Smouha district, It offers its customers various types of flowers and natural plants.

Finally, Always remember: anywhere and anywhere in Egypt, You can get roses Through our Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .