Are you wondering about the location of flower shops in Haramain Gardens? Here are some flower shops where you will come out with an elegant bouquet of roses for your loved one. Follow us.

Haram Gardens

Pyramid Gardens is located in Giza Governorate, Egypt. In front of the Giza pyramids and the famous Sphinx.

The area of this area is approximately 1,400 acres. It is bordered on the east by the Cairo-Fayoum Desert Road, To the north and west, the western arc ring road, To the south is the Cairo Oasis Desert Road.

On the other hand, The Gardens of the Pyramid has four gates to enter it. Each of the four gates bears the name of one of the ancient kings of Egypt. for example: Khufu Gate Khafre Gate And the gate of Menkaure, The Mina Gate. There are also two newly built gates.

As for services and trade, The commercial markets are separate from the residential areas. And congregate in a special area for commercial purposes. other than that, There are schools, hotels, hospitals, mosques and sports clubs.

The Haram Gardens area is characterized by its vast green areas. Which amounts to 60% of the total land area. And that the residential buildings range from four to seven floors. There is an external fence that protects its residential buildings.

Where do you find flower shops in the Haram gardens?

We have collected for you the addresses of three flower shops in the Haram Gardens area. These stores offer various services related to roses. Such as selling house plants and natural roses of various types and bright colors, Both domestic and imported.

in addition to, There are natural and artificial flower arrangements services for happy occasions. And designing bouquets of the bride and decorating wedding cars.

First: Party Flower Shop:

Party Flower Store is located at 297 Mineral Wealth Street in Hadayek El Haram.

Secondly: Al-Ghazali Palace Store:

It is located at 123 A Mineral Wealth Street, off High Pressure Street, In the pyramids plateau in the pyramid gardens.

Third: Lee Lee Flowers Shop:

In the end, Shop located Lee Lee Flowers shop, Which is located at 264p Army Street in Haram Gardens.

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