The city of Alexandria includes among its flanks a large number of flower shops, Roses and flowers have always had a share of the attention of the people of Alexandria and its good people. Who are only worthy of the gentle and beautiful roses. There is nothing more beautiful beside the coast of Alexandria than the sight of a delicate girl holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her hands.

Many people there prefer to buy roses as a gift for an occasion. No two disagree that roses, despite their simplicity, can carry the most precious meanings and feelings. It is also suitable for all types bearing different symbols to be a gift for each case. If you want to know the best flower shops in Alexandria, follow us. And if you want to know the best flower shops in Egypt , read them in our blog .

Best flower shops in Alexandria:

Flower shops are distributed in various areas of Alexandria, Such as: Smouha, Sidi Bishr, Mansheya, Rushdie, Ibrahimiya, Miami and other areas. We will mention here the best places to sell roses from the experience of people that can offer you roses and flower arrangements of all kinds, natural and artificial, and the most beautiful bouquets, You will add more beauty to your occasions and gifts. And fill it with meanings of love and life, To keep her memory alive in the hearts of love revives all the time.

Top 10 flower shops in Alexandria:

  1. Rose Damour: Rushdie.
  2. Tommy Flowers Flowers: Sidi Bishr.
  3. red rose flowers: Sporting.
  4. Joumana Green Flowers: Smouha.
  5. Rewan Flowers: Miami.
  6. Khidr for artificial flowers: Mansheya.
  7. Rosette for flowers: Abrahamic.
  8. Gladiolus flowers: Your Muharram.
  9. Baby flower for flowers: sand station.
  10. Top Roses for Flowers: Miami.

The poet Amal Dunqul says in his poetry about bouquets of roses:

and baskets of roses

Hint it between a nap and a wake up

And on every bouquet

The name of the bearer on the card

In Bouqueh, we are pleased to present in your name a beautiful, unique bouquet of roses and flowers, She carries between her papers a card of feelings and love that delight hearts and make souls happy. To every distant lover in Alexandria and anywhere in Egypt, Through our Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei . carries it from the best flower shops in Egypt to your best loved ones.