Turkey enjoys its distinct geography, as it is located between Asia and Europe, which contributed to making it a source for many types of flowers, where more than 9000 different species grow in multiple colors. Chrysanthemums (chamomile), tulips and tulips are among the most famous names of Turkish roses, whether in terms of aesthetics or versatility. There are also many other types that are exported to many countries in the world and we will talk about each type during this article, so follow us.

There are many types of botanical flowers scattered in the largest gardens around the world, its native land is Turkey. As flowers played a large role in the history and culture of Turkish life and influenced its art style, Even the Turks usually tend to give children the names of flowers, especially girls.

Turkish flowers names


It is considered one of the ancient flowers that belong to the Ottoman Empire. It is the national flower of the Republic of Turkey and their favorite because of its easy integration with different lifestyles and has many beautiful colors.

It is also distinguished by its beautiful shape, large size of flowers and bright colors, and has a wonderful romantic aura in its elegance and delicacy. It is planted in the first days of the fall season and blooms in the spring. This flower has gained great economic importance in all countries of the world.

The tulip flower is characterized by its tolerance of extreme cold and heat as well. It is a perennial flower that can live for more than two years. Its flowers remain visible for a long time after being picked.

carnation flower

It is one of the famous aromatic plants that is characterized by its pink color, but some crosses have been made on it, which has become a lot of colors such as white, yellow, blue, violet and red.

It grows in the vicinity of the Mediterranean, especially the country of Turkey , and this flower is characterized by a pleasant smell, It is widely used in parties and special occasions, such as weddings and mother’s days. It also has many medical uses, such as relieving dental pain and treating fever.

saffron flower

The saffron plant is distinguished by its high price due to the “saffron” that is extracted from it, which requires high precision and skill in picking it. About 35 species of it grow in the Turkish state. It also has many uses in food preparation due to its distinctive flavour. It is also used in the preparation of many medical treatments. One of the best types is the flower, which is characterized by red hair and yellowish edges. It has a good fragrant smell and is characterized by its beautiful and attractive colors.

spring Flower

They are flowers that grow in Anatolia and are famous in southern Turkey. It is also threatened with extinction due to its large harvest. These flowers are famous due to the beauty of their shape, their multiple colors between pink and purple, and their unique colored leaves.

Lily Flower

It is considered one of the important plants that has many medical benefits, as it is widely used in the manufacture of medicines to fight and resist famous diseases such as cancer, because it contains cyclopamine, which plays a major role in combating diseases and chemical reactions. Apart from its presence in the Turkish country, the lily family spreads in other Arab regions and countries, such as Damascus, Iraqi cities, and others.


Turkey is one of the countries that contains many different varieties of roses and trees all over the world, as it contains a quarter of the roses found in the wild on the planet, as well as , In the forefront of countries that produce the seeds of roses and shrubs, The production of roses in Turkey is not limited to decoration only, but is used in the preparation of tea, food, foodstuffs, cold drinks and the extraction of rose oil and rose water used in the production of cosmetics and perfumes.

Turkish flower names for girls

  • Feride A female name that means excellence and uniqueness. The name of this rose goes back to the hero of the famous Turkish love story written by the writer Rashad Nuri Gontekin in 1922 AD, and it means the only and unique of its kind.
  • Engy : It is one of the feminine names that indicate high value and preciousness, and its translation is “Pearl”.
  • Sevgi: It is a girls name with meaning that indicates love.
  • Defne: A female name, and the meaning of the name indicates the love of nature, and it means the laurel tree.
  • Leila : One of the Turkish girls’ names called The Very Dark Night, and it is named after the heroine of the well-known love story Majnun Leila.
  • Cicek (Cicek): The name Zahra is beautiful, and it is one of the well-known girls’ names in Turkey.

Non-Turkish flower names for girls

Here we will explain the basis of girls’ names that are inspired or taken from plants or flowers

  • iris or iris
  • camellia
  • Narcissus
  • Basil or basil
  • Bouvardia
  • Mint and mint
  • Randa or Randa or Randa
  • Naberman
  • Dalia or Dalia
  • bilsan
  • dice
  • The rose

Turkish flower names denote the challenge

  • Efe : It is a Turkish name, Zahr, and its meaning indicates defiance. It means older brother and denotes defiance and courage.
  • Alparslan: One of the names of the lion, which is a symbol of strength and suggests defiance and courage.

Turkish flower names

Here we will translate the names of famous roses in Turkish

  • Tulip or tulip in Turkish is called (Lila)
  • Rose (Gil)
  • lily (Zambak)
  • Chrysanthemums (Krizantem)
  • Chamomile (papaya).
  • Jasmine flower or jasmine rose (yasemin çiçeği)
  • Violet flower ( Menekşe )
  • Orchid
  • tulip ( Sümbül )
  • Anemones

rare flower names

  • Amaryllis flower: It has a white, purple and pink color and indicates sincerity and loyalty and symbolizes beauty.
  • Birds of Paradise flower: It is one of the rare roses that are hard to find, and it indicates love and joy.
  • Juliet Rose: It began to appear for the first time in the twenty-first century, specifically in 2006, and it is one of the most expensive flowers in the world, as the price of one flower in the Chelsea exhibition was about 3 million dollars.
  • calla lily: It is distinguished by its pure white color and its name suggests beauty. It is used in making wedding bouquets because it has a distinctive shape.

Flowers and plants mentioned in the Quran

  • pomegranate
  • ginger
  • Onions, as God mentioned in Surat Al-Baqarah

Many of us love roses and blossoms, because they are easy to look at and add joy, happiness, joy and beauty to the soul and the heart. The rose also has some connotations that cannot be expressed in words, as there are some studies that confirm its impact on the human being and those around him and their feelings in a very impressive way. Turkey is famous for containing the best wonderful plants that enjoy great popularity in the world.

The Republic of Turkey also includes many natural rose gardens and attractive fields filled with flowers, branches and coiled trees, such as Emirgan Park located in Istanbul, which contains a group of roses and trees with wonderful aromatic smells that attract many tourists, as well as Karaalioglu Park in Ankara .

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