Oh tulip, oh face of passion

And its sparkle, its breeze, and its fragrance

As soon as I see you, my heart is pounding

And I say between my wings.. Allah

What is a tulip flower?

She is the first of spring It has its origins in Central Asia. After that, it spread to many countries such as Turkey, Holland, Japan and Iran. It became an important part of its culture and civilization.

There are dozens of species of tulips. It is a perennial flower that lives up to two years. Its stems range from 10-60 cm in length. Including what is of only two or more petals. These flowers are usually planted at the end of summer or before the beginning of autumn.

Tulips belong to the lily family. It consists of several layers of colored petals.

Tulip bouquets are presented on many occasions. Its multiple colors and elegance always make it at the forefront. You can give it as a gift for healing , or as a gift for a new home , or other gifts that you can deliver to your loved ones through the Bouquet application .

The reason for the name tulip flower and its significance:

There are several stories that tell the story of the naming of the tulip, For example, in the ancient Iranian myth, There is a young man who loves a girl very much, but she died, When the news of her death reached him, he despaired and grieved greatly. It was only that he jumped from the highest mountains and was killed. And in the place where his blood bled, the tulip blossomed. It was a symbol of love and fidelity.

In Turkey, it is called (the turban flower) due to the multiplicity of its colored petals, resembling a turban. Turkish men put this flower on their turbans.

Tulips indicate many meanings. It is a symbol of beauty and sincerity in love, romance, and friendship. and elegance.

Types of tulips:

There are many types of tulips. Such as:

  1. tulip queen of the night
  2. pink diamond tulip
  3. double sugar tulip
  4. tulip redness beauty
  5. Tulip Mondial
  6. single tulip tulip
  7. tulip cumin
  8. tulip reem
  9. daydream tulips
  10. tulip song bel

No one can ignore the tenderness, beauty and elegance of tulips, And what it contains of high-end meanings of love and sincerity. So the tulip flower is suitable for your loved ones, Through our Bouqueh website  https://www.bouqueh.com/en or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei , we will be happy to help you deliver a bouquet of tulips to them!