Beautiful, delicate and colorful anemone flower can light up where you are, as well as the hearts to which it is guided, Get to know more with Bouquet blog of these exciting flowers.

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Facts about the anemone flower:

The first and shocking truth about anemones, is that these flowers have no smell, Strange isn’t it? Yes, Although it is vibrant and beautiful, unlike the rest of the flowers, it does not have a scent or nectar that attracts bees to it. And now let’s get acquainted with other facts of this flower:

  1. There are more than 120 species of anemones in different and beautiful colors.
  2. These flowers belong to the family of buttercups. They are usually sown in October.
  3. Anemones bloom in spring or fall, It is native to Europe, North America and Japan. So it is very popular with many peoples.
  4. The word “anemone” means “daughter of the wind” in Greek. It is known by other names such as “blood flower”, “wind flower” or “blood flower”.
  5. It has several different colors such as red, white, purple and pink.
  6. These flowers are not suitable for eating or entering foods, Because it is poisonous.

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Why was the anemone flower called this name?

You must have been very surprised when you heard the name of this flower. But do you know what his story is?

The name of these flowers goes back to one of the kings of Al-Hira called King Noaman, There is more than one story about the story of the origin of this name for these flowers, Some say that this king took care of these flowers and ordered them to be planted in the garden of his palace. And some of them say that these flowers have grown on the tomb of this brave king who died after being trampled by elephants when he refused to submit to the Persian kings in the Battle of Dhi Qar.

Anemone Flowers Flower Pink - Free photo on Pixabay

The meanings of the anemone flower:

There are a lot of different meanings given by anemones flowers. It carries strength and positive energy. In addition, it symbolizes anticipation and undying love.

This flower is also a symbol of hope and luck. So it may be suitable as a gift for graduation or new business, And in Rome they wore it as a talisman to prevent fever.

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