Category Do you like roses and flowers? Do you prefer giving flower bouquets on occasions? Are you a resident of Mansoura? Or looking for flower shops in Mansoura?

This article will help you get to know the flower shops in Mansoura to choose for your occasions the best bouquets of roses and flowers.

Mansoura City:

Mansoura is affiliated to the Dakahlia Governorate. It is the capital of this province. It is located on the eastern side of the Nile River. On the northeastern side of Cairo. The city of Mansoura was founded by the Ayyubid king al-Kamil Muhammad ibn al-Malik al-Adil. It was called by that name because of the Egyptian victory over the French in the Seventh Crusade.

Flowers stores in Mansoura:

Mansoura has always been famous for its many vital landmarks and tourist places. There is the zoo and the island of roses.

Although Rose Island is a large island with an area of 30 acres, However, it is not possible to do without the flower shops and roses there.

Here are the names of the most famous flower shops in Mansoura:

  • First: Gardenia flowers:

Gardenia flower shop is located in General Hospital Street in Mansoura. This shop offers various flower bouquets and roses.

Furthermore it, It offers you a variety of ornamental plants, In addition to a flower arrangement service for weddings and happy occasions as well.

  • Secondly: Tulips:

You can reach the tulips on Abdel Salam Aref Street in Mansoura, There you will get a variety of flowers according to their purpose, Depending on your budget, In addition to a variety of elegant packaging.

  • Third: Mandu flowers:

Mando’s flower shop in Mansoura offers you distinctive collections and elegant assortments of roses and flowers. Be it natural or synthetic. You don’t just get a special bouquet, But on beautiful flower arrangements for wedding cars and bridal bouquets as well.

  • Fourthly: Flower Market:

When you come to the lower pedestrian street, The first option to get special flowers is the flower market. In addition to the wonderful types and colors that he presents to you, However, it also provides a wedding planning service and takes care of all the flowers that it requires.

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