Do you know the meanings of the flowers that surround you? What does each flower symbolize? Which flowers represent love, hope, good luck, or even loss?

Whether you are choosing a bouquet of flowers for a wedding, Or you would choose a single flower for a loved one, Or grow a garden in your house, You must discover this secret language of flowers!

The history of the meanings of flowers:

For centuries the search for the symbols and meanings behind flowers spread across Europe and Asia. These meanings have played a major role in cultures and works of art. We find it in the works of William Shakespeare, in myths, and in the plays of the Greeks and Romans. And in the cultures of the Egyptians, Chinese and other civilizations.

Do you imagine that any feeling you can think of can be expressed only through roses? Yes. for example, Orange flowers mean chastity and friendliness, While tulips are red as if you say: I love you!

Meanings of flowers in the Victorian era:

In the nineteenth century during the Victorian era, Learning the meanings of flowers has become a popular hobby among people. You will always find brochures that guide them to their meanings.

Flowers were used in this era primarily as a kind of silent dialogue, that is, to deliver messages that they do not wish to convey directly to each other, Or even to answer questions that are answered yes or no, If you hand the flowers with the right hand, that means “Yes”, But if you greet with the left hand, the answer to that means “No.”

What is the relationship of the meanings of flowers to the way they are presented?

One of the important matters in the language of roses is the manner and condition in which it was presented. If, for example, it is presented upside down, Its meaning will be reversed from its traditional meaning.

Just as tying a ribbon on a bouquet of flowers means something, If it is tied to the left, then the meaning of these flowers is applied to the giver of them. Whereas the meaning will refer to the recipient of the flowers if the bouquet bar is towards the right. Of course, If you send a wilted bouquet, the message is clear!

There are many, many examples of the meanings of flowers and plants that we cannot enumerate today, For example, the rosemary is a symbol of remembrance. and tulips of passion, And peonies for shyness. Some of the meanings of flowers have changed over time. Cultures may assign different meanings to the same flower. But the fascination with scented words and flowers continues as it is!

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