Are you tired of searching for flower shops in Zagazig? Are you looking for a store that offers you natural roses and makes you the most beautiful bouquet of roses?

Here is a quick tour from Bouqueh blog about the best flower shops in Zagazig.


Zagazig is the capital of the Eastern Governorate. It is about 80 km from the city of Cairo from the north-eastern side.

Zagazig city is divided into two main neighborhoods: first district, and whereas. It has many squares, the most famous of which are Talaat Harb Square and Nationality Square.

As for its famous streets, there are Al-Qawmiya Street, Saad Zaaloul Street, Al-Mohafaza Street, and many others.

On the other hand, The city of Zagazig includes many archaeological areas, clubs and famous vital facilities. such as the Haria Museum and Zagazig University, And Egypt Public Library.

Best flower shops in Zagazig:

Flower shops are spread all over Zagazig. To provide the residents of the city with various types of roses, Natural, industrial, imported or local. It offers a variety of distinctive designs for designing and coordinating flower bouquets for happy occasions.

Here are the best flower shops in Zagazig:

  • dew flowers:

Nada Flowers is located in Al-Moshir Ahmed Essam Street, This shop offers its customers a variety of natural flowers, Which make up special packages for your occasions.

  • Flower Orchid:

Flower Orchid is located in Imam Gharib Street, It is one of the first flower shops in Zagazig. This shop provides its customers with distinctive and unique designs of flower bouquets.

  • Gardenia for natural flowers:

Gardenia Flowers is located at 21 Teachers Club Street, It is an ideal place to get natural roses and arrange beautiful bouquets of them. Or coordinate it for your happy occasions.

  • Rosabella Flower:

Rosabella Flower is located in Al-Qawmiya on Al-Salam Mosque Street, It also offers distinctive bouquets of roses, It also provides distinguished services for coordinating events and weddings.

  • tulip flowers:

Tulip Flowers is located in Makkah Al Mukarramah Street, It provides its customers with distinctive natural flowers and arranges them with beautiful bouquets to present as a unique gift. It also offers various event coordination services.

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