Finding the best flower shops in Cairo is tiring. Cairo is a big city. And choosing a beautiful bouquet of roses needs care and accuracy. So, We have prepared for you a group of flower shops to help you get bright and beautiful roses.

Cairo city

Cairo is the largest of all Egyptian and Arab cities in terms of area and population. It is also one of the most diverse cities of civilization and culture throughout the ages. as a result, It can be said that it is one of the most important Arab cities.

The city of Cairo is divided into four main areas: North, South, East and West. Each of these areas has a number of relatively large and famous neighborhoods.

for example: The eastern region includes the Heliopolis district and the Nasr City district. In the west, there is the Al-Abidin and Azbakeya neighborhoods. In the North, there is the Amiriya neighborhood and Shubra. And in the south, the neighborhood of Sayeda Zeinab and Old Cairo.

The best flower shops in Cairo:

The vast area occupied by the city of Cairo, Increase the number of flower shops you can find. So, In each of its neighborhoods there are many flower shops.

Flower shops offer their customers beautiful natural plants and flowers. In addition, There are also artificial roses, happy event coordination services, Such as: Decorating wedding halls and cars and the bride’s bouquet.

Here is a list of flower shops in Cairo by region.

  • Aroma Flower Store: This store is located at 8 Menouf Street, off Cleopatra Street, In Heliopolis district in the eastern region.
  • Atlantis Rose: located at 2 Port Said Street, off Street 250 in Degla, In the Maadi district in the southern region.
  • Beautiful Flowers: It is located at 50 Ahmed Orabi Street, off Mostafa Hafez Street, In Ain Shams in the Eastern Province.
  • Al- Wafa’a Flowers: The Al-Wafa’a store is located in 3 National Defense Council Buildings – Al-Matareya Street, In the princely district in the northern region.
  • Olly’s Flower Shop: Olly’s flower shop is located at 4 Talaat Harb Street in the center of the country.
  • Planet Shop: Located in Victoria Square, In the Tigris district of Maadi in the southern region.
  • Auctions Flower: located in Nile City Towers, Nile Corniche, In Ramlet Boulaq, Cairo.

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