Are you looking for flower shops in Faisal? Are you tired of finding a shop where you can find your desired flower in Faisal neighborhood? Here are six flower and flower shops out there.

Faisal District:

Faisal neighborhood is one of the most important neighborhoods in Giza governorate. Despite its popularity compared to other Giza neighborhoods such as Al Haram.

Faisal district is divided into several districts, she: First Faisal District, 20th Street, and the student district, storied area, and Mariouteya region, and shooting range area.

Despite the many areas in this neighborhood, flower shops are spread in it to meet the needs of its residents.

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Best flower shops in Faisal:

We have prepared for you a group of flower shops scattered throughout the Faisal neighborhood.

The kit will help you to get a variety of natural flowers, local or imported, In addition to house plants and even artificial roses.

You will also find that many of these stores will help you to coordinate your events and get distinctive designs for the flower bouquets that you require for your loved ones.

  • Sisi flowers:

Zohour El-Sisi is located at 79 Faisal Street in Mariouteya, This shop offers its customers different types of natural roses and house plants.

  • Mona flowers:

Al Muna Flowers is located in Montaser Residence on Faisal Street. In it you will find many flowers of different colors and types. To make a special bouquet for you to gift to the one you love.

  • Spring Nada Store:

Nada Al Rabie store is located on Al Mansheya Street in the Tabuk area in Faisal. It shows you a variety of roses and flowers, And designs for you flower bouquets suitable for all social occasions.

  • world of flowers

The world of flowers is located at 271 Police Tower on Faisal Al Taawun Street, There you will enter a real world of flowers and roses that will enchant you with their beauty.

  • Dalia Trading:

You can reach Dalia’s store when you reach 20th Street in Faisal District, There you can get all kinds of flowers and roses for whatever occasion you have.

  • Gala flowers:

Zohour El Galaa is located in 22 National Police Buildings in Mariouteya.

This shop offers you a variety of natural flowers and house plants that will impress you with their beauty.

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