pink tulips, It is one of the most beautiful plants grown. Roses in general are an example of sophistication and beauty. Something that indicates romance. In general, when we mention roses, we mention everything that is pleasant to look at in nature. It is also worth noting that roses are not new in our time, but were grown in prehistoric times.

There are many benefits for which roses are grown. They are not only an aesthetic view, but they have a very distinctive aromatic smell. In addition to the presence of some flowers with health benefits to the human body. There are also some studies conducted on the extent to which watching roses affects humans, as they found that they make a person calm and relaxed, away from any stress or problems he is going through.

purple tulips

The tulip is one of the most important flowers at the present time. It is a lily. It gives the tulips large size and bright cheerful colors, There are many colors, but the most common are red, pink, and yellow. White, blue and violet.

What does the tulip flower symbolize?

The purple tulip flower symbolizes many meanings that indicate how beautiful that flower is

  • It is love, romance and tenderness, It is also a kind of perennial roses that remain for long periods.
  • When someone gives a tulip to his girlfriend, it indicates the great love of that person to her. And how pleased he is for her.
  • The flower of love also indicates loyalty and non-betrayal of the beloved to his beloved.

home of tulips

The tulip flower is home to many countries of the world. It belongs to Europe and is also found in the Maghreb, Asia, Iran, China, Japan, and Anatolia.

How to grow tulips

Growing tulips is not difficult. It is one of the easiest flowers to grow at home. This is due to the fact that it is a plant that does not require much care or special conditions for its growth, so we will present the easiest way to grow it in the following lines

Some things to consider when planting tulips

  • Tulips should be planted at the end of the summer season. It is preferable to plant in October or November until it matures and blooms in the spring season.
  • It takes 12 months for tulips to appear. It is worth noting that the use of tulip bulbs in its cultivation is one of the most famous and successful methods.

Tools and fixtures

  • Pot size 10 cm.
  • sandy soil, Or a soil of sand and clay.
  • Tulip bulbs.

cultivation method

  • We take tulip bulbs and plant them in the pot at the same distance from each other.
  • The flower is watered only twice a week. It is not irrigated with much water.
  • If the planting is in the winter season, the tulip should not be watered more than once during the week so as not to damage it.

tulips in the netherlands

Holland is famous for its many tulip fields. We find that there is a link between the tulip flower and Holland for a long time. The tulip flower was first cultivated in 1593 AD. It is worth noting that the tulip flower later became the emblem of the State of Holland. It was called Tulip Manya. As he named some places that contain tulips the name Bluemen Root.

It is worth noting that Bloemen Route is an area where tulips are located, with a length of 40 km. Where the picturesque scenes that resemble a painting drawn by the most skilled painters, It is also a suitable place for people who love photography, In the fields of tulips give an aesthetic view with the view of the sunset, The place was not limited to tulips only, but also includes another group of rare and beautiful flowers.

Nature Festival in the Netherlands

The Colorful Nature Festival is one of the permanent festivals in the Netherlands, especially at the end of January. There are many beautiful landscapes in this festival. Where fields of saffron and daffodils, The festival extends until the month of May and the iris blossoms. And a tulip.

One of the most important aspects of celebrating this day is that flower sellers sit with beautiful flowers and flowers in order to attract the attention of passers-by and visitors from all over the world. The Bloemen Route is also one of the most beautiful fields in the world.

purple tulips

  • The purple tulip is one of the most beautiful colors of the tulip flower. Where this type of tulips is grown in the Netherlands, which is one of the most important countries that export it to all parts of the world, Tunisia, Morocco, and Japan, and China.
  • The tulip flower signifies loyalty and sincerity. It is served on Valentine’s Days and weddings. It also signifies the arrival of a new baby. It is a flower that carries with it all the meanings of love.

tulip flower price

The high price of the tulip flower is due to the fact that it is one of the rare and beautiful flowers of different colors and shapes. The price of the tulip flower ranges between seven pounds as a minimum, sometimes reaching ten pounds.

tulip rose bouquet

Recently, the bride’s bouquet of tulips was used, Because it has a wonderful and elegant aesthetic appearance, Also, sometimes purple tulips are used with a bouquet of white tulips because they give a wonderful look to the bride.

tulip flower bouquet price

The price of the tulip flower bouquet varies from one occasion to another, depending on the type of occasion. In addition to the timing of the occasion, it is known that flowers and different bouquets increase in price during the holidays. It also differs in the price of the bouquet if it is natural or synthetic, We find that the price of 9 artificial tulips ranges between 400 and 450 EGP, While we find that the price of natural tulips is 150 Egyptian pounds.

Tulip gardens

The spread of tulip gardens around the world, where the beauty that gives any place where the tulip flower is, Among the most important gardens in which tulips are located in the world is the Bloemen fields, which are located in the Netherlands, one of the largest countries in the world where tulips are present in large quantities, shapes and colors, so that it is one of the most important countries in the world for exporting tulips.

tulips rose color

There are many colors of tulips in the world, but despite their attractive and cheerful colors, we also find that they differ in their significance.

  • The yellow tulip flower has beautiful meanings. It means happiness and joy. Happy bright future. It is worth noting that in the Victorian era it symbolized the rising of the sun. There are also some legends that say that yellow tulips bring good luck to the house.
  • Red tulips mean love and loyalty, Red always indicates love and romance, as it is always presented at weddings.
  • Blue tulips keep the love of the family, It also indicates the love and concern of both parties.
  • White tulips signify loyalty, tolerance and sincerity. It is always presented on religious occasions. Also, when apologizing. There are also some sayings that say that a person who dreams of a tulip, especially a white one, indicates the arrival of good for this person.

There are some occasions in which tulips are presented in different colors, but we will refer to the most important colors of tulips for each occasion, namely:

  • White tulips are best served at weddings. and week parties, And wrote the book
  • Red tulips presented on Valentine’s Days, engagements, When someone confesses his love to his girlfriend.
  • Pink tulips are presented in various social occasions because they are a symbol of love, loyalty and loyalty.
  • The black tulip is usually presented as the black flower on sad occasions.
  • Yellow Tulip Presents a yellow flower that signifies vitality when visiting a sick person. Where you give him such a flower indicates that you wish him a speedy recovery.
  • Blue tulips gift this flower to express the strong friendship between two people.
  • Purple or purple tulips are served on happy social occasions.
  • Pink tulips offer to thank someone for a job well done.

artificial tulips

Some resort to using artificial tulips in making rose bouquets and others, as well as using natural tulips. This is due to several reasons

  • Artificial tulips are available all year round. It does not require specialized time to grow like a natural tulip flower.
  • Artificial tulips can be kept for life so that they do not wither like natural tulips.
  • Multiple colors can be created that surpass the natural colors of the tulip.
  • You can also bring in some artificial tulips and make your dream bouquet at home.

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