There are a very large number of wildflowers in Turkey. Almost equal to the number of flowers scattered or found in the rest of Europe combined, There are more than nine thousand types of roses identified so far in Turkey, A large group of these roses is unparalleled on earth, Among the most famous names of roses in Turkish are the tulip flower (Lale) and the lily flower (Zambak), And the jasmine flower (Yasemin) and the lotus flower (nilüfe) and others.

Names of roses in Turkish

There are a variety of rose names in Turkish. Many of these roses are famous in Turkey and other countries, They include:

tulip flower

In Turkish, it is called Lale. The word tulip is originally derived from the Turkish word tulbend or turban. which signify perfect and deep love, Which is the most famous meaning of these flowers.

In addition to the previous meaning, tulips also refer to the new birth. new changes in life, It also expresses philanthropy and is therefore a symbol of charities.

The tulip is the national flower of Turkey. Where it was cultivated and originated for the first time in Turkey, Then it moved from the East to the West.

Available in a large variety of colors, Including white, yellow, pink, red, orange and violet.

carnation flower

Known in Turkish as (Karanfil), As for the translation of its name in English, it is (Carnation flower) or (Clove pink).

It is a herbaceous plant of the pink carnation family. And the origin of its homeland is the Mediterranean.

Some believe that naming the carnation rose by this name (carnation), which means coronation, It is due to the use of carnations in the crowns of Greek ceremonies.

There are many colors of carnation flower. They are white, light red and dark, And also pink, yellow and violet.

Pink carnations signify a mother’s love. While the bright red carnation represents friendship and admiration, Dark red indicates sincere love and affection. While white represents the symbol of pure love.

Names of aromatic flowers in Turkish

The following is a group of names of roses in Turkish with a wonderful aromatic smell, which has a variety of uses, Which are exemplified by:


Known in Turkey as (Lavanda), Any lavender flower, which is its English name (Lavender).

The original home of this flower is the Mediterranean region. But it is now mainly grown or grown in England.

It is a beautiful and attractive smelling herb. In addition, it has many healing properties.

It is used as an anti-cold and expectorant. As an analgesic for body aches and rheumatic pains, In addition to relieving urinary tract diseases and diuresis, As well as it treats wounds and works to cleanse them.

Lavender flowers represent several meanings, namely purity, serenity and calmness. The violet color of these flowers is the color of royalty. Which expresses elegance, originality and luxury.


One of the most beautiful fragrant roses. Which is called a flower (Yasemin) in the Turkish state language, And in English (Jasmine), Its name comes from the Persian word (yasmin), which means a gift from God.

The jasmine flower family includes about 200 species of plants. Most of them originated in the tropics of Asia. But it is now grown all over the world.

Jasmine flowers have several uses, the most important of which is their use in perfumes. Jasmine perfume is one of the most famous perfumes in the world.

Also, jasmine flowers have several medicinal uses. For the treatment of eye and skin diseases.

The essential oils extracted from them are also used in aromatherapy. It acts as an antidepressant, analgesic, and a sedative that aids sleep.

Jasmine has always been considered a symbol of eternal beauty. In addition, it has another beautiful meaning, which is love and tenderness. It also carries the meaning of innocence and purity, and there are a good number of girls from Arab countries who have the same name as the flower, whether in the Levant such as Lebanon and Jordan, as well as in the rest of the other countries, because of the sublime meanings it carries.


In terms of shape, it is one of the most beautiful fragrant flowers that are used as a plant for ornamental purposes. It is called in Turkish languages as (Sümbülteber), Its name in English is (Tube rose).

These flowers are found in different parts of the world. Including USA, China, France and India.

It is distinguished by its snow-white color and has an attractive aromatic scent. Which makes it one of the most important special items used in the perfume industry. In addition to high-quality beauty products, It is also used in wedding bouquets and wedding parties.

In addition, it has some therapeutic uses to fight anemia and treat insomnia. Reducing colds and sore throats.

The name refers to the meanings of joy, passion and love of adventure. As well as its white color, which symbolizes peace, purity and innocence.

Names of mountain flowers in Turkish

Here is a group of names of roses in Turkish, All of them are mountain roses that thrive in mountainous areas:


Sage flowers are called in the Turkish language ( adaçayı ), In English it is known as (Salvia fruticosa).

It is found in the countries of the Mediterranean and Asia. Then it spread to Central Europe. There are many types of it in Central America and Mexico.

It works as an antibiotic and an antiseptic (for the ear and throat), Carminative, diuretic, vasodilator and tonic, In addition to treating digestive and respiratory problems, And treatment of menstrual problems, infertility, stress and depression.

In addition to being used as a spice and in making an aromatic tea drink, It is also used to make an essential essential oil.

Sage flowers symbolize purity, wisdom and immortality. In addition to fighting evil spirits, Also, it is associated with virtue.


The lotus flower is known in the Turkish language as (nilüfe), While it is known in the English language as (Lotus).

The history of its original homeland is Asia, specifically in the south of Asia, in addition to growing also in Australia. It is a long-lived aquatic perennial plant grown in hydroponic gardens.

The lotus flower has been known since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Where among the symbols of religion for them is the meaning of creation and birth, In addition, it has long symbolized the sun.

They are either pink or white and have no other colors. Its roots are planted in the soil of a river or pond. While its leaves float to the surface.

The name of this flower means purity, beauty, prosperity and fertility. In addition, its meaning also refers to renewed youth, immortality and purity.

Lotus flowers are used for several medicinal uses. Including stopping bleeding and relieving digestive disorders including diarrhea.

Orchid flower

Among the names of roses in Turkish are the orchid, In English it is called (Orchid).

Orchids are associated with fertility and masculinity. It has also been associated since antiquity with love across different cultures and eras.

This beautiful white botanical rose symbolizes innocence, purity, elegance and reverence. While the pink orchid flower symbolizes femininity and joy.

The yellow orchid indicates friendship and new beginnings. The purple color of the orchid indicates royalty and admiration. And orange indicates pride, enthusiasm and boldness.

The homeland of these flowers is the tropical forests of southern Central America and northwestern South America. In addition to the countries that lie along the Andes, Some of its species can also be found in semi-desert areas.

Orchids are widely used in perfumes and aromatherapy. It is derived from vanilla extract.

In addition, it has many medicinal uses, As a treatment for cough and diseases of the kidneys, lung, stomach and eyes.

We mentioned above many names of roses in Turkish. There is a group of other names for the types of roses in Turkish, such as geranium (Sarduny) and anemone (Gelincik), The chrysanthemum flower or chrysanthemum (Krizantem) and the chamomile flower (Papatya), In addition to narcissus flower (Nergis), violet flower (Menekşe), basil (Fesleğen) and many others.

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