I don’t know if you’ve noticed but houseplants are suddenly back! It is true what they say about everything “old is new again”. But the last time this plant became extinct, it came back in the 1970s. but this time, There is a new love affair with cacti, succulents and air plants. If you don’t believe me, Just do a quick search on Pinterest, Whereas, according to the 2019 Plant Trends Report from Garden Media, The searches for indoor plants have increased by 90% compared to previous years. And at the top of this search list is “succulents”.

At the recent International Florist Show – North America’s largest flower trade fair – in Miami Beach, This plant was present by increasing the number of sellers who focus on plants of the same quality. And these are not your mother’s old plants!

Plants that help you have fun

Here are just a few plants that will help you have fun uniquely because of the easy care of these plants that are coming to the store soon! Or you can go to the botanical collection in Bouqueh, Where you’ll find the latest items in unique containers to gift to your family or to send to a friend!

yoga plant container
plant decor

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