The lotus flower is one of the great water lilies. It is also a perennial plant. It has been known to exist in South and East Asia for a long time. And it has different types that differ according to their petals, To reach more than 100 species.

We usually find lotus flowers in many colors. Including red, white, pink and blue, These flowers have increased in popularity due to their numerous medicinal benefits for several centuries.

Lotus flowers grow naturally in pools of water. Where its roots begin deep in the mud, And until it blooms, it makes its way through the water until it finally reaches its surface. It blooms under the sun.

Lotus Flower Plant - Free photo on Pixabay

What are the medicinal benefits of lotus flower?

The use of the lotus flower in the medical field dates back to many generations ago. However, this has not been studied in medicine until recently. What are the conditions that lotus flowers can treat?

  • diarrhea: Lotus flower treatment for diarrhea is one of the most common medicinal benefits in ancient Chinese medicine.
  • Regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels: The root of the lotus plant contains fiber and complex carbohydrates that work together to regulate sugar, cholesterol and digestion as well.
  • Infections: Some research suggests that red and white lotus seeds help reduce inflammation. It contains a large percentage of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.
  • Getting rid of acne and regulating the menstrual cycle.

Purple lotus flower on water | Pikrepo

The meanings of the lotus flower colors:

The lotus flower was of great interest to the Indians. In Buddhism and Hinduism in particular, Each color has its own spiritual meaning. For example:

  • white lotus flowers It symbolizes the purity of mind and soul.
  • Pink Lotus Flowers: symbolize perfection, The pink lotus represents the Buddha himself for Buddhists.
  • blue lotus flowers It represents the conquest of the soul on the senses.
  • red lotus flowers Symbolizes compassion.
  • yellow lotus flowers Symbolizes enlightenment.

Although the lotus flower has deep meanings in those religions, It basically symbolizes perseverance and hope. So we always see it in paintings that explain suffering to indicate hope in the end.

Lotus flowers are also widely used in wedding ceremonies and in the bride’s bouquet, especially the white ones. It adds elegance and beauty. It symbolizes pure and pure love.

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