Are you looking for flower shops in Assiut? Do you want to get a special bouquet of roses for your loved ones? Or would you like to coordinate them for your happy party there? We have prepared for you a bunch of flower shops there, Which will help you in everything related to roses and coordination. Continue reading with us.

Assiut city

Assiut is one of the largest cities in Upper Egypt. It is the capital of the Asyut Governorate in Egypt. Assiut city is divided into two main parts, They: Assiut District, which is a western district. And the second section of Assiut, an eastern district.

Assiut is one of the cities with the highest population density of Coptic Egyptians. But on the other hand, It includes more than 38 tourist areas, These areas vary, including: Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic and Modern regions. for example: Mir monuments, The Umayyad Mosque, And the monastery of the Blessed Virgin Bedirneka.

in addition to, Commercial agencies and various other vital establishments such as barrages, squares, banks, factories, universities and institutes are spread throughout Assiut. This city is the first commercially and economically at the level of Upper Egypt cities.

Best flower shops in Assiut:

Flower shops in the city of Assiut provide their customers with several services, It varies between natural and artificial roses. As well as domestic and imported. in addition to, There are services related to coordinating happy occasions such as weddings; Because the rose is an important part of her adornment.

Here are the best flower shops in Asyut:

  • Bird of Paradise flower shop:

The Bird of Paradise store is located at 17 Othman Bin Affan Street, Feryal Assiut Company in Assiut Center.

  • The world of birds:

Donia Al Asaafir store is located in 2 Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street, in the second red, In the second section Assiut.

  • Seif flower shop:

Seif flower shop is located in Mumtaz, Second Division Assiut. This shop makes special bouquets of roses. in addition to, This shop is interested in designing distinctive greeting cards beside bouquets of roses.

  • Africano flower shop:

The Africano store is located in Al-Namis Street in the East Assiut district.

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