The term rare flowers is not clear and well defined for many people, A rare flower may mean to some that it is on the verge of extinction. While others use the same term to describe an unusual flower. Continue reading this article with Bouqueh blog to learn more about this term and its examples.

Examples of rare flowers:

Cadpol flower:

This flower is one of the rarest flowers in the world. This is because it opens only at night and closes its petals before dawn! It opens between ten and eleven in the evening and begins to wilt within a few hours. These flowers are white or smaller whitish, And it has a nice fragrance.

It is native to Sri Lanka but can be found in Mexico and Venezuela. It is also grown in the USA.

Another reason for the rarity of these flowers is that they die quickly after being picked.

Kadupul Flower | I have taken this picture in my garden on 2… | Flickr

Rare flowers in roses:

Almost everyone loves roses and enjoys their captivating colors and fragrances. And with the joy you add anywhere, Although there are many beautiful colors of roses, However, there are some colors that can make them unusual or perhaps rare, for example:

blue roses:

You may have seen amazing pictures of blue roses and thought they were natural, But the shocking fact is that these blue roses do not exist in nature, Perhaps those pictures you saw were digitally edited or the roses were treated with a vegetable dye that made them appear blue when they are purple, not blue.

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Colored rose or rainbow:

Some roses are genetically modified to show several colors in one flower, Although it is easily obtainable and available in many places, However, its different appearance is what made it classified as a rare flower.

Intermediate red camellia:

This flower is found in only two places in the world, They are the Conservatory of the Duke of Devonshire in Chiswick, west london, And the second place is in Waitangi in New Zealand. These plants originated in ancient China in the beginning, but then died and continued to grow and bloom in these two places only.

Rare orchids:

Orchids have more than 25,000 species in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some of these species are as rare as ghost orchids, which have only been seen dozens of times since 1854. Where they bloom in the shaded forests and look like white ghosts.

File:Ghost Orchid2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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