Are you a resident of Nozha neighborhood? Are you looking for flower shops in New Nozha? Here are some suggestions for where to sell roses there.

New Nozha District:

New Nozha Neighborhood is a new area that has been newly incorporated into Nozha Neighborhood. Al-Nuzha neighborhood, at the beginning of its inception in the seventies, was a housing project for employees of the Egyptian Airlines. In addition to those working at Cairo International Airport, This is because the neighborhood is close to the airport.

on the other hand, After merging the New Nozha District 1 and 2 with the original district, The neighborhood is no longer confined to housing aviation workers, People could buy land and build towers, Until the Nozha neighborhood became an integrated neighborhood with its services and facilities.

There are five main streets in the New Nozha neighborhood, for example: Medina Street, and Mohamed Refaat Street, and Taha Hussein Street. Among its famous mosques: Al Marzouqi Mosque, The Mosque of Al-Taqwa.

Learn about flower shops in the new Nozha:

In any modern residential neighborhood, There must be flower shops in it. Roses are indispensable.

Flowers and flower shops provide many services to the residents of the neighborhood, There are bouquets of natural fragrant roses, Which can be a gift for any occasion. There are house plants that give the homes elegance and charming beauty taken from nature. There are happy occasions coordination services, as roses are the basis of adornment.

in addition to, These stores offer distinctive and unique designs for flower bouquets and their packaging. And the design of the greeting cards that are attached to the packages, And everything related to roses from pots and vases.

First: Flora Door Store

This shop is located in 3 Jamal Al-Sijini Street, Off d Street. Muhammad Kamal Hussain, In the new promenade.

Secondly: flower corner shop

The Flower Corner store is located at 35 Al-Makhtikh Mohamed Refaat Street, Beside Abu Zekry Supermarket, In the new promenade.

Third: Egypt Holland Flowers

Holland Flowers is located in 7 Al Madinah Street, Beside Nesma Airlines, In the new promenade.

Finally, Always remember: anywhere and anywhere in Egypt, You can get roses Through our Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .