Nasr City is one of the most important neighborhoods in Cairo, and there are many flower shops in Nasr City, which are distributed between its eastern and western neighborhoods, and there are many vital landmarks and shops.

Did you need to search for flower shops in Nasr City? In this article, we will help you identify a number of flower shops spread there. Follow with Bouquet blog to find out more.

Nasr City is located east of Cairo to form an extension of Heliopolis. It is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city of Cairo.

Nasr City is divided into two main parts: the eastern district and the western district of Nasr City. Each of them has a set of national facilities and modern cultural landmarks. Such as: Nasser Sports Stadium, And the monument to the Unknown Soldier, Al-Azhar University, the Exhibitions Authority and the Panorama.

The most famous flower shops in Nasr City:

No residential area or neighborhood, new or old, can be devoid of flower shops. So, if you are interested in knowing flower shops in Nasr City,

Here are some addresses that provide you with different types of roses and flowers.

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Nowruz flowers

Nowruz shop offers various types of roses and flowers. for various occasions, Each type of rose has a specific occasion, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, or something else. It also allows you to present these flowers in a special way with gifts, balloons or chocolates, And use them to decorate the venues of various events and decoration works.

Nowruz Flowers store is located at 28 Ahmed Al Zomor Street, The Tenth District in Nasr City.

Flower House

Flower House offers different choices of flowers of all kinds and beautiful arrangements. To help you get a beautiful and distinctive bouquet of them, For all gifts and occasions, Whether you want it for a wedding, birthday or any other occasion.

Flower House is located in 7A Makram Ebeid in Nasr City.

Rosa Bella

From Rosa Bella, you can get high quality roses and natural flowers, You can also get a beautiful and distinctive bouquet of natural and imported roses.

Rosa Bella is located at 6 Hassan Maamoun Street in Nasr City.

Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers is also one of the most famous stores in Nasr City, which offers flowers and roses with distinctive and beautiful designs, And for all occasions.

Garden Flowers is located in Abu Al-Atahia Street.

flowers of hope

Al-Amal flower shop offers a wide range of natural flowers and roses, It helps you present it to your loved ones with distinctive designs of elegant bouquets.

Flowers of Hope is located in Abbas El Akkad Street.

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