Were you walking in the streets of Nasr City and looking for flower shops? Are you looking for flower shops in Makram Ebeid?

Read on, Because this article from Bouqueh blog will help you identify the best flower shops that you can find in Makram Ebeid Street.

Makram Ebeid Street:

Makram Ebeid Street is one of the famous streets in Nasr City district. A neighborhood in Cairo. The street was named after Makram Ebeid, after the former Egyptian Finance Minister, Makram Ebeid Pasha.

Makram Ebeid Street extends from the intersection of Nasr Road to Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street, Busay this street is several other famous streets in the city. for example: Abbas El Akkad Street, And Hassan Al-Mamoun Street.

On the other hand, The fame of this street comes from the spread of shops, companies, restaurants and central commercial markets, for example: Al-Sarraj Mall and City Center.

Best flower shops in Makram Ebeid:

On happy days, The sides of the flower shops along Makram Ebeid Street are filled with, It gives unparalleled beauty. These stores offer natural roses of all kinds, including jasmine, jasmine, orchid, sunflower, and rose of various distinctive colors.

The flowers in Makram Ebeid stores are not limited to local flowers. There are also special imported roses, Which gives a distinctive elegance to the bouquets of roses.

in addition to, There are artificial roses that are made to decorate parties and happy occasions.

on the other hand, These stores are also filled with departments of natural home plants, Which many resort to to add to their homes a special elegance and a distinctive magical touch.

Here are the best flower shops in Makram Ebeid:

  • Pergola flower shop

Pergola flower shop is located at 45 Makram Ebeid Street in Nasr City.

  • Amsterdam Flowers Store:

Amsterdam Flowers is located at 7B Makram Ebeid Street in Nasr City.

  • Basket Flower Shop:

The Basket Flower store is located at 70 Makram Ebeid Street in Nasr City

  • David Flowers Store:

David Flowers store is located at 29 Samir Abdel Raouf Street along Makram Ebeid Street in Nasr City.

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