Are you thinking of giving a bouquet of roses to a loved one in Dokki, And you do not have enough knowledge in this area? decent, Today, you will learn about the most famous flower shops in Dokki to get a special and wonderful bouquet of roses.

Dokki neighborhood is one of the important neighborhoods of the city of Giza. This neighborhood, which was a village in Giza, has developed and expanded since the sixties. Today, it has become a lively residential and commercial district.

Dokki Street divides the neighborhood into two important areas, the old and the new Dokki. There are parks, hospitals, schools, universities, banks and embassies of up to 56 embassies. Flower shops have spread among all those places.

Flowers stores in Dokki:

  • Flowers Basket

Flowers Basket is located at 9 Shooting Club Street in Dokki, And it allows you to get bouquets of roses with distinctive designs and colors, Whether it is natural or artificial roses. Flowers Basket also allows you to arrange flowers in baskets in an attractive way with amazing and satisfying results.

  • Victoria flowers

You can find Victoria Flowers in front of Orman Secondary School in Dokki, From there you will be able to get different types and colors of roses, With a lot of distinctive designs to present roses as a gift to your loved ones.

  • Ran Rose

If you arrive on Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street in Dokki and stop next to the Kanzy Hotel, Ran Rose will draw you next to the hotel, From there you will be able to get beautifully arranged roses and flowers, Give it along with other gifts (such as chocolates) for your loved ones.

  • Rose Palace flowers

Rose Palace Flowers provides you with a variety of natural flowers and even house plants, Of course, the nature around us is indispensable. So if you are looking for natural flowers or plants in Dokki, Rose Palace Flowers will meet your needs. You will find it in Agouza on Nawal Street.

  • Nile flowers

If you are walking around Tahrir Street in Dokki looking for a flower shop, You are in the right place. In the flowers of the Nile you will find different colors and types of flowers, And whether you want it for a wedding, birthday or any other occasion, You will find your application there.

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