Blue flowers mean love, desire and inspiration, Blue is the color of ambitious people who want to reach the inaccessible. They make every effort to achieve their goals. It is also a symbol of inspiration and hope.

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Blue flowers:

There are not many blue flowers, Rather, it was at one time a rare flower that could not be found easily. But today it can be found in many flowers such as:

  1. lotus flowers
  2. orchids
  3. Asters or asters
  4. petunia flowers
  5. hydrangea flowers

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As for the blue roses, It is not real and does not exist in nature. Rather, a pure white rose was dyed with a blue dye for advertisements, shows and films, in which it was a symbol of immortality. The companies have tried cross-breeding methods and genetic modifications to the blue pigment delphinidin. However, the color they obtained is not pure blue, but rather a pale violet.

What are the meanings of blue flowers and when do they present them?

While red flowers symbolize love and romance, White flowers symbolize purity and innocence. The blue flowers symbolize trust and continued commitment. Sending blue flowers to your sweetheart means that you expect to maintain love and romance for many years.

Since blue flowers express confidence and hope, It is a perfect gift for someone going through difficult times. Support him through it and support him in light of what he is going through.

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And of course giving blue flowers to the sick or any sad person, convey to them your best wishes for a speedy recovery, And your support for them all the time no matter what.

Blue is known to have a calming effect on people. So if you are upset you can reach calm with a bright blue flower bouquet.

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And do not forget that the blue color in the flowers symbolizes spirituality, intellect and confidence.

The meaning of blue flowers depends on the mental state of the recipient and how he sees these flowers. If it is a matter of the heart and mind, Indigo flowers can be suitable to guide their intuition.

Blue flowers are not linked to a specific gender or age. So you can send it to anyone you like, Whatever the occasion, Through our Bouqueh website or mobile apps ios , Android , Huawei .