Jasmine is a very popular flower around the world. Its name came from the Persian word meaning gift from God. It is famous for the tropical and warm or temperate regions.

The most distinctive feature of this flower is its unique and captivating fragrance that fills the air when opened. It is said that the origin of the first jasmine flower is the Himalayas, located in western China.

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Jasmine flower facts:

  • The jasmine flower belongs to the olive family. Some may mistakenly differentiate between this real jasmine and another type called false jasmine.
  • Most jasmine flowers are white in color. In some of them, the yellow color appears in the inner part of it.
  • Jasmine blooms six months after we plant it. This is usually in the summer or spring.
  • Jasmine flower has five or six petals.
  • Jasmine is a fragrant flower with a beautiful aroma. It releases its fragrance after sunset when the moon is about to be full.
  • The jasmine tree prefers exposure to sunlight for a long time. It needs at least four hours a day to grow.
  • Jasmine is used in the manufacture of medical preparations as well as cosmetics, such as: Perfumes, creams, oils and soaps.

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The meanings of the jasmine flower and its differences between cultures:

Because of its great popularity among people in different cultures, the jasmine flower has acquired many different meanings. For example:

  • Jasmine is very much associated with love and romance , as its nightly fragrance fills the atmosphere of hanging out lovers.
  • in some cultures, It represents the people appreciation and good luck.
  • in religious ceremonies, The jasmine symbolizes purity.
  • Jasmine also symbolizes beauty and excitement.

With different cultures, It has been found that jasmine in Pakistan, Indonesia and Thailand is used in weddings as wreaths to decorate the bride and groom. While it may also be used when burying the dead to express their last farewell.

In the United States of America, Jasmine symbolizes love and romance. and to respect, It is given to mothers on Mother’s Day.

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