There are different types of flower vase available in the market. We find long and slender ones with a narrow neck. Or low with an open neck. Choosing the right vase completes the arrangement in which you end up.

And if you think putting flowers in a vase is too simple, Read on to see if I was right or not.

Factors affecting the choice of the shape of the vase of roses:

Before getting to know the shapes of vases, It is imperative to recognize the factors that influence your choice of vase shape.

For example, it is important to know the dimensions of the vase from its length, width, height, and its ability to hold flowers. And know the dimensions of the flowers that will be placed in them.

Also, the location in which it will be placed has an important role, Pay attention to the space that the vase will occupy. And the dimensions of the room in which it will be placed.

And always remember an important rule, Namely, the length of each flower should not be more than twice the height of its own vase.

Rose vase set:

  • milk bottle vase

It is a kind of antique style vases, It has a wide mouth opening and a narrow neck. This vase fits the simple arrangement of three to five large flowers.

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  • rustic vase

This vase has a round bottom and a semi-narrow opening. The lower part is very wide. This vase is suitable for heavyweight flowers such as: sunflower, and tulips;

  • roller vase

It is one of the most affordable vases, You can collect more than one cylinder vases of different heights, Or use it on its own to display a flower bouquet. This vase is suitable for tall roses.

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  • square vase

This vase is distinguished by its elegance, It also suits heavy flowers, But you may need to use tape to keep the flowers upright in place.

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  • base vase

This vase is distinguished by its charming and elegance, Its vanity rests on a slender leg that ends with a luxurious base, It will add a charming touch to the place when you put the roses in it.

  • fish vase

The fish vase has a strange shape, It may seem difficult to coordinate at first, However, you will be fined with the result you will get. The fish vase looks like a round fish tank, Where it is filled with water and float on it chrysanthemums or orchids .

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