You used to see flowers every day that are beautiful, bright and different, And perhaps it has passed you by dazzling colors like red flowers, But have you ever seen black flowers? If you have not seen it before, you will see it today with us in Bouquet , and you will learn more about its meanings and symbols.

Black flowers for the first time:

After four years of experiences, Plant growers in the United States of America managed to create the first black flower nearly 10 years ago, This black petunia flower, It was produced after trying a lot of colors and dyes available in the market.

At that time it was not easy to get a black flower, It took them a lot of experiments and tests on the anthocyanin to reach the black color.

Petunia Black Velvet | Serres Fortier | Flickr

The truth is that there has not yet been a pure black flower, And that color they have reached is not black in its origin. It is a mixture of red and blue, which eventually produces a dark purple color, With the velvety texture of petunias, The flowers appeared darker as if black in color.

There are other types of flowers other than petunias that have been modified to reach a black color, such as lavender, viola, and others.

Types of black flowers:

Tulip Queen of the Night:

As we have already said, despite many attempts, For we have not yet had black roses, However, the Queen of the Night tulips are somewhat similar in color to black, It has a deep purple shade that makes it distinctive and elegant in appearance.

Tulip Diaries | The Purple Sensations are coming to an end b… | Flickr

The black dahlia:

This flower appears in the shade in black, Scientists have concluded that the dark red shade in it is due to the high percentage of anthocyanins in it. This flower symbolizes unity.

red and black cluster flower free image | Peakpx

The meanings of black flowers:

Black is a common color in many things around us. but rare in flowers, And black in terms of meaning it has strength, mystery and scarcity. Although it has negative connotations for some people, it is a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

Black flowers are widely used in decoration. And when added to another group of flowers, it attracts more attention than the presence of colorful flowers alone.

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