Are you looking for flower shops in Haram? Do you want to gift a loved one a bouquet of flowers?

This article from Bouqueh blog will help you get to know the Haram neighborhood and the most famous flower shops in it. Follow us.

Haram District:

Al Haram district belongs to Giza Governorate. It is one of the most important and most famous neighborhoods. The Haram neighborhood has two main streets, King Faisal Street. And Haram Street, which extends from Giza Square and ends with the Pyramids of Giza, for which it is famous.

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The most famous flower shops in El Haram:

The sophistication that Al-Haram neighborhood enjoys, There must be places and shops selling roses and flowers with the same sophistication.

That is why we have collected for you the most famous flower shops in El Haram to help you get special and beautiful bouquets of flowers.

  • world of flowers

Flower World is located at 271 King Faisal Street, It offers its customers a variety of natural flowers, In addition to flower bouquets with distinctive designs, Which suits your various occasions.

  • Party Flower:

As for the Party Flower shop, you can reach it through 297 Mineral Wealth Street in Hadayek Al-Ahram, There you will get natural roses of different types, And multiple colours.

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  • Pyramids Rose:

You can reach Pyramids Rose at 421 Haram Street, Where you will find in front of your eyes joyful colors of natural roses that will draw a smile on the face of the one you love to gift it to.

  • Zahoor Al-Ghazali Palace:

In order to reach the Palace of Flowers Al-Ghazali, you must go to the Mineral Wealth Street branching from the High Pressure Street. This palace will amaze you with the types, colors and attractiveness of natural flowers. It captivates the heart of everyone who takes it.

  • Istizia flowers:

Estelia Flowers is located at 313 Haram Street – Arizona, Besides being a shop selling natural roses, It also provides event coordination service.

  • Tulips:

You can reach Tulip Flowers at 443 Haram Street, Nasreddin. In this shop, you will find a variety of different natural plants and flowers suitable for all occasions.

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