chrysanthemum flower or gold flower, She is one of the beautiful picturesque flowers, It belongs to the family of stars. The chrysanthemum flower usually symbolizes happiness, longevity and love. It came in the poetry of Elia Abu Madi when he said:

I have chrysanthemums the same

I lived a day or some day

I do not care about the annihilation if it is worthy

In the yard or the glory of my people

If you miss my color butterfly

I am in a flower that flies

And if my being dissolved in the rays

I am in the morning abir

Facts about the chrysanthemum flower:

The chrysanthemum belongs to the family Asteraceae. It is famous for its yellow color that resembles gold. He even called it gold flowers.

There are chrysanthemum flowers in other distinctive colors such as: Red, purple and white.

The gold flowers are harvested in the fall in November.

Today it is growing all over the world, But its place of origin is in East Asian countries such as China, for its subtropical climatic conditions.

These flowers became a very large number of varieties after their spread in the world.

In Japan, there is a chrysanthemum festival held annually. called chrysanthemum day, It takes place in the month of November.

In addition to the aromatic scent that characterizes tulips, It is still used in many fields. For example, these flowers enter as a natural source in the manufacture of pesticides.

In the kitchen, it is used in the manufacture of tea and rice wine. And as an aromatic addition to soup dishes.

As for the medical aspect, It treats many symptoms and diseases. It is a sedative, perfumed and antibiotic, It treats headaches, diarrhea, influenza, sores and eye problems.

The meanings of the chrysanthemum flower:

The chrysanthemum flower symbolizes many beautiful meanings. It is a symbol of happiness, joy and life. In some cultures, it symbolizes sadness or sympathy, as in Europe.

The symbol of this flower may vary according to its color. We find that the red color symbolizes love. While yellow to sadness, The white color of them symbolizes fidelity in love.

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