If you are thinking of making hanging flower baskets, There are many factors that must be taken into account before putting on farming gloves and starting work. While many types of plants can grow in hanging baskets, some grow better than others.

Why do you want to make hanging flower baskets?

Want to create a hanging flower basket for a special occasion? Like birthday or mother’s day? Do you want to grow vegetables or herbs in it? Or do you want it to be a beautiful decoration in your yard? So the first step is to think about why you want a flower basket before deciding what to plant in it.

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If you want to grow fruits or vegetables, Carrots, cherry tomatoes, or radishes are a good choice. As for herbs, basil, parsley, thyme or mint are good choices for growing in baskets in the sun.

As for the flowers, When you choose it, think about what it looks like and what it smells like. For example, carnations or marigolds would be a wonderful and beautiful option.

Where will you put flower baskets and hanging plants?

Where you live affects the plants you can grow, So do some research on the climate your chosen plants or flowers need, Think also of where you will put the basket, is it in the sun, like marigolds and mint, Or in the shade like a begonia?

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What style of baskets are you looking for?

You can find hanging baskets of all shapes and sizes, To suit all tastes and gardens, Think about the style you want and look for ideas that can support it, You may want to make a hanging basket that contains only one flower, Or contain a group of colorful flowers, Like marigolds, begonias, chrysanthemums, asparagus and other flowers.

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Baskets of plants and flowers add elegance and beauty to the place in which you are, Whether indoors or out in the garden, It can also be used as a special gift instead of classic bouquets, Especially if you are gifting it to a new home.

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