You cannot be unhappy to receive a bouquet of bright flowers, Beautiful in shape and fragrant, But what would you do with a bouquet of old, outdated flowers?

Today in Bouqueh Blog, you will learn 6 ways to beautifully and creatively reuse old flowers.

6 things you can make from an old flower bouquet:

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  • Dried flower industry:

Dried flowers have a special luster of beauty and creativity. It makes it an artistic touch in many things and occasions, The easiest way to dry a whole bouquet of roses is to tie their stems tightly. Hang it upside down in a dry and dark place for several weeks. Or even for an entire month.

If your flowers are small and flat, All you’ll do is put it between the pages of a big book for a few weeks as well.

These dried flowers you may need to decorate and wrap gifts, or incorporated into home decor, Or even take advantage of the beautiful smell that fragrant to spread it in the atmosphere of the house.

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  • Making rose water from old flowers:

If you love natural beauty, Rose water will be an indispensable part of your skincare routine. By soaking rose petals in water, you will get rose water with its refreshing scent.

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  • Get a new package:

If you have space in your garden or pots to plant, You can use flower seeds to replant them and get a new bouquet of flowers.

  • Keep the flower vase:

If you get a bouquet of flowers with a vase, You can keep the vase and reuse it in your home again if it suits your taste, And if it isn’t, You can donate it or gift it to another friend who may like it.

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  • Reuse the flower bouquet:

If the flower bouquet is wrapped in plastic and not paper, You can preserve it and use it again in gift wrapping or creating a new flower bouquet, This plastic will eventually be a burden on the environment.

  • Use old flowers as fertilizer:

The last solution to making use of an old flower bouqueh is to use it as an organic fertilizer in your garden. This is better than throwing it in the trash. Those flowers will help your plants grow and bloom.

Before you resort to these things, Keep your bouquet fresh with these tips from Bouqueh Blog.