You may have already read in our blog about how to take care of flowers in general, But do you know how to take care of her in the summer? no matter the weather, The bouquet of roses always needs to be taken care of, They need a little water frequently. Cut the stems and remove the leaves, And when the weather gets hotter and hotter, Your flowers will need more care and attention.

At Bouqueh blog , we give you simple tips to preserve long-lasting flowers in this hot summer. Read on with us to learn more.

5 tips on how to take care of flowers in the summer:

  • Make sure the flowers have enough water:

Flowers, just like us, need to drink more water during the summer heat. Water tends to evaporate faster in hot weather. Thus, the water level in the vase decreases and the flowers are thirsty.

So keep your flowers fresh and moist, And always make sure that the vase contains enough and clean water.

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  • Use clean drinking water:

Hot weather accelerates the growth of bacteria in the vase. This negatively affects the freshness and brightness of the flowers.

in hot weather, Change the vase water frequently every two days instead of three days, Use lukewarm water because it contains less oxygen. This reduces bacterial growth by 85%.

  • Too much sun is not useful when caring for flowers:

Flowers prefer shady places rather than being in the sun. The hot weather makes the moisture evaporate from the flower petals. leads to dryness, As for direct sunlight, it leads to burning!

So be aware of where you place your bouquet in the house, If the sun’s rays are hot, Then move it to a shady, less heated place.

  • Keep the flowers in a cool and gentle atmosphere:

Higher temperatures cause flowers to die faster. Especially lilies, irises and peonies, which do not tolerate high degrees.

So consider placing the flowers in a place protected from sunlight, And keep them away from open windows and places of heating.

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  • floral pen again

You can help rejuvenate your flowers by removing some of the extra leaves on the stem. Measure the tips of the stems again every time you change the water in the vase. This will create a new beautiful flower shape.

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